Library receives donation

Courtesy photo Pictured are Cristine Braddy (left to right), Goshen County Library, Bethany Schwartzkopf and Andrea Matlock, Pinnacle Bank.

TORRINGTON – In 2023 the employees of Pinnacle Bank participated in reading challenge. 

“We thought that a reading challenge would be more fun than the weight loss challenges we typically do,” personal banker, Bethany Schwartzkopf said. “Really, we have a quite a few readers here at the bank and thought it would be a fun way to bond over what can really be a pretty isolated hobby.”

Together, the employees read 358 books, totaling 125,350 pages.

“Branch president, Wade Bruch, agreed to donate $0.01 for each page read, up to $1,000.00, to the Goshen County Library,” Schwartzkopf said.

The number of books each employee read throughout the year ranged from 98 books to one book, however, the donation will be put to good use at the library. 

“We are thankful for the business partners we have in Goshen County, like Pinnacle Bank that help us to offer resources to the citizens of Goshen County,” Cristine Braddy, Director of the Goshen County Library said. “We plan on using the funds to help put books in the hands of kids.”

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