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Irrigation tunnel collapse threatens 104,000 acres of farmland

A portion of a tunnel on the Gering-Fort Laramie irrigation canal has caused water to back up and breach the canal a mile upstream from the collapse and will essentially bring irrigation along the canal to a halt until it is repaired.

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Torrington man accused of felony sexual abuse

Matthew Michael Medina, of Torrington, will stand trial on Oct. 10

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Gov. Gordon, state and local officials survey collapsed irrigation tunnel

Wyoming Govorner Mark Gordon, along with representatives from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Homeland Security and other local and state officials were in Goshen County today to get a first-hand look at a collapsed irrigation tunnel along the Fort-Laramie canal. The collapse occurred in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 17 and has left more than 100,000 acres of farmland in Wyoming and Nebraska without an irrigation source during a crucial time of the growing season.

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Laramie attorney appointed President-Elect of Wyoming State Bar

he Wyoming State Bar announced today that Laramie attorney Kelly M. Neville has been appointed to serve as its President-Elect effective immediately.

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Goshen County Declares State of Emergency for irrigation tunnel collapse

The Goshen County Board of Commissioners has officially declared the collapse of an irrigation tunnel along the Fort Laramie-Gering Irrigation Canal as a local disaster.

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