Mary Feagler never imagined she would serve Goshen for 19 years

Mary Feagler

GOSHEN COUNTYGoshen County Clerk Mary Feagler never imagined she would come to Torrington to attend college just to find love and a community she has loved to serve for 19 years; the grandmother of three still loves to go out riding with her daughter and grandchildren.

Feagler was recently elected to the Goshen County Clerk position but has been a staple at the Goshen County Clerk’s office since June 28, 2004 and says her predecessor, now-retired Goshen County Clerk Cindy Kenyon, prepared her for everything she would need to know how to do at the office.

“I was a little nervous before taking the position officially,” Feagler explained. “However, after taking over the position, I quickly learned that Cindy (Kenyon) had more than prepared me and trained me to do this job very effectively.”

Adding, “We’ve made very small changes within the office but I don’t expect we will make any further changes or any large changes because why fix something that isn’t broken?”

Feagler said she loves her new position and loves working with everyone in the office. “I have an incredible support system of people in the office and residents who have supported me and continue to support me, including Cindy, which makes doing this job mostly enjoyable and fulfilling.”

Born in Washington state, Feagler said her father worked for the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), who’s job first took them to southwest Colorado when she was 2 years old. However, his job would move the family to Cody when Feagler was in junior high at 13 years old. Feagler graduated from Cody High School.

In 1987, Feagler moved to Torrington to attend Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) and it’s in Goshen County where she met her future husband, Scott Feagler, and fell in love with the community.

Briefly, the Feagler’s moved to Nebraska for three years with their first child before moving back to Torrington.

“It was one of those things, I never meant to stay in Torrington because I had only come here to go to junior college and I had plans to go somewhere else,” Feagler said. “However, plans changed after meeting Scott and I’m thankful they did.”

The Feagler’s had two children and now have three grandchildren.

When asked why she decided to begin working for the clerk’s office and beginning a career of public service Feagler said, “It seemed like an interesting job to do and something I thought I could excel at so I thought why not.”

For 19 years, Feagler aided former clerk’s in a variety of ways within the department from helping Goshen County Commissioners meetings to aiding with elections and day-to-day business like marriage licensing and liquor licensing.

When asked what feelings and emotions she has experienced in stepping into an elected position within the office Feagler said, “I felt and still do feel very prepared to take on the position because my predecessor taught me very well.”

“Mostly, I feel very confident and excited to continue to serve our county for years to come,” Feagler explained. “Right before taking over the position I was a little more unsure and probably a little scared – but once I got in the role it all sort of came together and I said to myself, ‘it’s going to be OK’ – and it has been, it’s been a very easy transition.”

However, there was some advice Feagler said she would have liked to give herself before she began this new journey in her career.

“I would tell myself, prior to deciding to run for the clerk’s office, to remember that I’m not in this alone and I have a great support system,” Feagler said. “Also, I would remind myself I have the experience which has earned me support from other county offices, from the staff in my office and just from the people of Goshen County.”

Feagler said the support she received as well as the support she continues to receive is a difference maker in being able to do her job, but it’s not the only thing that she loves.

“I love being a grandma of three grandkids,” Feagler said. “I really enjoy spending time with them.”

Feagler said her two children, Dani Hanzlik and Sean Feagler, moved back to Torrington with her three grandchildren, Charlee Hanzlik, and Braxton and Ellie Feagler. However, the competitive barrel racer said one of her favorite pastimes is going horseback riding with her daughter.

“One of my favorite things to do is riding with my daughter,” Feagler said. “She and I have formed such a close friendship as she became an adult and one of my absolute favorite things to do when I’m sad, stressed or just needing to talk is taking a ride with my daughter. But I also like hearing what she has to say when we go riding.”

“My daughter is one of my best friends today and I enjoy our time together – especially when I get to see my grandbaby,” Feagler said.

“Goshen (County) residents can probably catch me at various FFA (Future Farmers of America) events, horse events – and especially barrel racing events,” Feagler said. “I still love watching barrel racing and I enjoy spending time with my two horses.”

Her two horses’ names are FedEx and FrenchFry, “I have been barrel racing competitively for about six years and have been blessed with winning two saddles.”

As far as what her future aspirations were, Feagler said, “I live by the old homage that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Adding, “I’ve been in this office for 19 years as of this June, and so I’m the type of person who just knows the job, and knows what needs to be done and I intend to do it.”

Feagler said her husband Scott, who is a parts manager at 21st Century Equipment in Torrington, and her look forward to surrounding themselves with family and family events. The pair have been married for 33 years and “still going strong.”

“It’s a balance with life and work,” Feagler explained. “Scott has been there by my side the entire time and he really understands my love to serve the county which is very helpful in this position.”

When asked if she had anything else she wanted the community to know, Feagler said, “Just that I am thankful and grateful for Goshen County residents for their support and I encourage them to come into the office and chat with us if they have any questions or concerns. Other than that, I just want to thank them for their continued support.”

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