Evening sun on Torrington Fun Run

Rhett Breedlove/Torrington Telegram Torrington basketball coach, Logan Barker, goes over the route for Tuesday night’s 5k race, which began at St. Rose Catholic Church.

TORRINGTON – Dozens of local residents turned up Tuesday night at the St. Rose Catholic Church for the annual Torrington Fun Run.

Locals passing by could see numerous patrons of all ages dressed in their best running gear, stretching and warming up for a fun and simple 5k race.

The event was sponsored and supported by New York Life Insurance, as well as North Platte Physical Therapy, and Platte River Family Dentistry.

The goals of the event was to raise adequate funding for Torrington High School (THS) basketball, but also to give local residents a fun chance to be active and enjoy an evening of jogging, walking or cycling.

The event was hosted by local THS basketball coach Logan Barker, who considered the evening a success, with hopes that the event will continue to grow in time.

“It’s about bringing people together and giving an opportunity for people in Torrington to be active and support the basketball program,” Barker said. “These goals were certainly accomplished. Every year it has grown and is starting to get more and more people there. The hope is that we continue to grow it and can bring food in with photo booths and all sorts of different activities for people to do.”

Barker noted that although there is friendly rivalry between athletic programs and coaches at the high school, the support and turnout at the event from these coaches was tremendously appreciated.

“Just having everyone together and seeing other coaches in the district, is really cool,” Barker continued. “Russel Stienmetz and Cody Grant, the head football and wrestling coaches, were there. It’s really awesome to see other programs supporting other programs, and I would do the exact same thing for them. It’s a pretty cool little group that we are creating, seeing wrestling, football and basketball merge together like this. There’s a fun rivalry, and it’s enjoyable because we get to support each other. I respect everything they are doing in their programs.”

Despite severe thunderstorm warnings, along with dark flashing clouds surrounding the community, the Fun Run was spared severe weather and the race was able to continue as planned.

“Normally in the past, our biggest challenge in trying to get the race set up has always been the weather,” Barker laughed. “Usually, we run in July, but honestly, we had to reschedule because of weather, and August was much better for everyone in regards of fair week. We were lucky enough to have New York Life sponsor the event, and there were agents from Casper that came and helped us set up. Other than that, it’s pretty easy on our end, and the agents made it tremendously easier.”

Barker lastly noted that despite the community involvement as well as comradery, the most important aspect of holding the event is always about the betterment and growth of students and athletes.

“All this is for the kids in our program, and next year hopefully we will get to see even more people come out and do it. It’s a great way to get active and help other coaches support other coaches, and support other programs. Ultimately, it all comes down to the kids in our program and giving them the best opportunities possible.”