Long-time cashier retires after 21 years

Fellow Torrington Main Street Market employees gathered to celebrate Debbie Ehler’s retirement Friday afternoon.

TORRINGTON – Torrington Main Street Market will be down a smiling face. 

Long-time employee, Debbie Ehler, celebrated her retirement from the store after 21 years of service, on Friday. 

Ehler has been a dependable employee and her presence at the store will be greatly missed, according to Kim Pittman, assistant store manager. 

“She was a very good employee, never called in sick can’t recall a one time in 21 years, always on time ready to work with a smile on her face,” Pittman told the Telegram. 

Friday, community members and local shoppers gathered to share cake, photos, and hugs with Ehler. Many fellow employees also greeted Ehler with their well-wishes and thank yous at the store.

For nearly a quarter of a century, Ehler has been a valued cashier in the local grocery store. 

“Debbie will be greatly missed,” Pittman said. “We miss everybody when they leave, when you work everyday with the same group it becomes a family, we wish Debbie all the happiness and I hope she enjoys retirement.”