Diamonds on the Prairie – Aug. 26, 2022

Colossians 3:23

It had been approximately 20 years since we had ventured south of Cheyenne. Our hand was forced to cross into this foreign country, Greg had to have a CT scan and it needed to happen in Ft. Collins. Neither one of us are “city drivers”. We are used to the handful of vehicles we encounter on our way to and from town.  We hold our own in the cities we call our “home territory”, but other than that, we choose to stay out of the traffic.

The day of the appointment was a beautiful day. We had our GPS, our two phones with gps mode activated, Greg pulled his cap down a little tighter and we took off. We were absolutely in awe of the amount of traffic that we picked up as we crossed the state line. We had the magic number of the exit seared in our minds and the remainder of the instructions of how to get to our destination memorized from top to bottom. Turn right, stay right, and then the words we longed to hear, “You have arrived at your destination.” We strutted in like a couple of pilots that had just landed a 747 extremely proud of ourselves.

I stayed in the waiting room watching out the big windows at the traffic while Greg was on his adventure. There was never a break in the traffic, not even a small one. Ten minutes later as we got ready to leave, the little gals at the desk were so kind to give us directions as to the easiest way to get back to the interstate. “Take a left, go over a bump, and then there will be a roundabout, and take a right and tada you will be at the stoplight that will spit you right onto the street you need to be on.” Armed with information and sweating profusely at the term “roundabout” we headed out. Their directions were spot on and soon we were once again headed towards home.

My nephew lives in this chaos and I was asking him how he and all those other folks could live in such a place and work in that environment. His reply was attitude changing to me. “We love it here, don’t mind the traffic and love what we do. We have as hard a time figuring out how you can live in the boonies and do what you do!” We were feeling sorry for each other!

It took me a bit to absorb what he had said. The folks who live in that world aren’t to be pitied, but applauded for doing something they love, just as we are! God has gifted us in our professions, and placed us in exactly the places that we need to be. That might be in the middle of a city, or in the middle of nowhere.

My dad always said, “No matter what you do with your life, give it your utmost and your best.” I will now add to that, “no matter where in the world you are.  Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.