Torrington mayor updates public on projects

Tom Milstead/Torrington Telegram Workers from Dietzler Construction are in the final stretch of the frontage road project, but it may take a few more days than originally intended, according to Torrington Mayor Randy Adams.

 Adams opened the meeting with an update on the reconstruction of the frontage road that runs parallel to US 26, commonly called ‘Fast Food Row.’

According to Adams, the crew from Dietzler Construction is close to finishing the project, though it has taken a little longer than expected. 

“For a long time, I told you it would be done on Oct. 15. For a shorter amount of time I told you it would be done by Oct. 18, and it’s not going to be done on Oct. 18,” Adams said. “It should be fairly close. We’re going to work out some kind of agreement to how much more time they’re going to get. The city’s interest is that it is done right, so it might take a few more days that we initially planned.”

Adams also said a new walking path along 15th Avenue to the Torrington Municipal Golf Course will be complete this week. 

“If you get a chance, go out and take a walk on it,” he said. 

Construction of another walking path, which is a continuation of the walking path between 21st and 22nd streets, is expected to start in the next week. Adams said it will run along the southwest side of the Mormon Church. 

He also updated the public on the Pioneer Building, which is the old Torrington High School that stands across the street from the Goshen County Courthouse. Adams said the city doesn’t own the building, but he recently toured the facility with the current owner. 

“I have been in contact, and (city building official) Dennis Estes and I got to take a tour of the Pioneer Building,” Adams said. “Our interest was in trying to find something that would benefit the community, and something that would benefit him as the landowner. We got inside, and it’s an amazing structure. It’s a fortress and it’s well-built. The floors are in there, the bearing walls are in there and the stairs are in there, but other than that it’s empty.” 

Adams said the owner wants $200,000 for the building, and it could take up to $2.5 million to finish it. 

“Neither of us really have a plan for anything we could be doing with it,” Adams said. “If there is anybody out there in the community that has an idea of what could be done that would benefit the community, give me a call and we’ll see if we could work something out.”


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