Priest’s work in Torrington highlighted in new book

TORRINGTON – The legacy of Carl Beavers can be seen all throughout Wyoming including Torrington. 

The new book, “Wyoming’s Padre: A Cowboy Priest” was a collaborative project by Julie Kling, Mary Kay Turner, Sharon Marx, and Sheryl Lain. According to Kling, the project started with Turner who had appreciated Beavers’ work while her husband John was in the senate and Beavers was the chaplain. 

“[Turner] begged him for his writings,” Kling said. “She loved whenever he spoke in the senate. We were just trying to get his words out there.” 

Shortly after Turner received Beavers’ writings, he passed away unexpectedly. The four authors pooled their experiences together to write the book. Marx knew Beavers from his time at Our Lady of Sorrows in Rock Springs, while Lain was his childhood friend. For Kling, she used her journalism experience to work on the logistic side of the book including conducting interviews. 

The book features three parts: a background on his life, some of his writings from services and funerals and his eulogy. 

The purpose of the book was to share his words to the public as Beavers did not like to record what he said. Kling said the first part which tells about his life was needed to provide an introduction into who he was. 

“We really tried to balance the intro part by kind of placing him in these communities and congregations where he got his start and ended up where he retired,” Kling said. 

Beavers first assignment was in 1971 at St. Joseph’s Children’s Home in Torrington where he was the superintendent. The book includes interviews from people from the home whose lives changed as a result of meeting Father Beavers. 

“We were connecting the dots to the people of the lives he changed,” Kling said. 

Being there for others was an integral part of who Beavers was. The book delves into the many places and people Beavers served as well as all of his interests from playing recreational basketball to fishing and hunting.  

One thing Beavers never did was become a bishop, which Kling believes he could have but enjoyed working in the grassroots much more. Although according to the book Beavers said he didn’t want to be a bishop because, “I don’t like purple socks.” 

The authors hoped to show how much of an impact Beavers had on the lives of many in Wyoming. Kling said in the process of writing the book they felt his guidance as well. 

“It was pretty profound and delightful like he was overseeing the project from heaven,” Kling said. 

Just as Beavers always sought to give to the community, the authors plan to do the same as some of the proceeds will go to St. Joseph’s Children’s Home. 

“Wyoming’s Padre: A Cowboy Priest” is available for purchase on Amazon.  


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