Goshen County high schools present All-State selection

TORRINGTON – Choir and band students from Torrington, Southeast and Lingle-Fort Laramie High Schools came together Tuesday Dec. 14 for the Goshen County Christmas Gala Concert at Torrington High School.

Along with special festive selections performed by the choir and band, the new All-State Select Choir and Band members were presented to the audience. These kids include Avey Jespersen, Tyne Stokes, Amberly Froerer, Trisha Cates, Bethany Wunibald, Gage Gibson, Aidyn Carmello Saucedo, Mason Wilkes, Inez Flores, Kai Fody, Elias Bustamante and Korbin Fogleman. 

The audition process for the All-State Band and All-State Choir is a rigorous one. After each high school musician selects a piece to perform out of a predetermined selection, they have one chance to film their audition. There are no redo’s. After they send the video in, experts in that category review the tape. For example, if a student auditions for a spot as a soprano in the All-State Choir and sends in the video, an experienced soprano will review the tape and will judge them.

A scholarship opportunity opens for students who are selected to join the All-State Band and Choir all four years of high school. This year, that opportunity opened up for Wunibald, a senior at THS who made it into the All-State Choir as a soprano. While no scholarship is tied specifically to the All-State Band and Choir selection, high school music directors agree acceptance into the band and choir make it much easier to receive scholarships because selection is seen as a sign of commitment and talent to the program and the music.

For students to put the All-State Marching Band on their college applications also shows great commitment. The program is open to students with a director’s recommendation and the ability to cover the expenses.

Acceptance into the District Honor Band and Choir is based on director nomination and available spots in the group. Students are selected based on experience as a musician, ability and grade level. Acceptance into the District Band and Choir is an achievement for students to show off on their college applications as well.

The marching band will begin practice soon for upcoming parades and shows over the summer, including a potential show at Disneyland. The All-State Band and Choir will meet from Jan. 16-18 in Rock Springs with notable composers and directors to prepare for a concert the evening of Jan. 18.

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