Council approves contract for airport

TORRINGTON – The Torrington City Council approved a contract renewal for consulting services at the local airport during its regular meeting Tuesday.

Council members agreed to authorize renewal of the Airport Consulting Engineer for a five-year term with M.C. Schaff and Associates of Scottsbluff, Neb. City Engineer Jeff Hawkins recommended the renewal because of the company’s familiarity with the airport, their location and their unblemished record in the past with the airport.

Prior to the vote, council member Randy Adams questioned if there were any differences between the current contract and previous documents. Hawkins said a provision covering attorney’s fees, omitted from the previous contract, was put back into the document.

After additional consideration, council member Dennis Kelly asked about the contents of a contract attachment which was mentioned, but apparently not included with papers presented Tuesday. Hawkins told the council the document contained M.C. Shaff’s pricing schedule.

“We do not have that at this point,” Hawkins said. “When I send them the contract, it will come back with the attachment.”

Kelly said, “I don’t understand why we should endorse a contract that says they can charge what they want. We don’t know what they charge at all.”

Hawkins said the document presented Tuesday was an agreement for services and didn’t commit the city to any actual billable work at this point.

“This is just an agreement with city council and the city of Torrington to perform services,” said Hawkins. “When the actual services are rendered there will be additional addendum for the work then the City Council will be able to review the actual cost of projects involved. This just sets up a foundation. Labor rates is what you would call it.” 

Kelly said: “We don’t know what those are? The provision of the contract they can Bill the city for?”

“They can’t bill the city for anything under this contract, this contract has no worth attached to it,” stated Hawkins.

Kelly asked, “Isn’t that what this addresses?”

Attorney Jim Eddington said

; “I think what Jeff means is that if those services are proposed they cannot be paid without your approval first. And talks about written authorization from the city”

M.C. Schaff has performed nine separate projects under the last contract, all requiring written consent from the city. Motion was passed by the council.

In other business:

ν The Torrington City Council opened the meeting with two special guests from the Torrington High School championship golf team. Caleigh Essert and Laura Halley with Coaches Jeff Halley and John Gibson open the meeting with Laura Halley leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

Caleigh Essert placed first was state record for lowest score, Laura Halley placed 9th.

ν The Council approved the closing of city hall on Dec. 24 for Christmas Eve and changing the Council meeting set for Tuesday, Jan. 1 to Wednesday, Jan. 2.

ν Ordinance 2nd reading establishing R-4 Zoning located at 536 East 20th Ave. With no public response the, council approved.


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