A Look Back: November 3, 2017

100 Years Ago

Nov. 8, 1917

Goshen County Journal

What can we do?

There is a request from hospitals for scrapbooks made to interest the convalescent soldiers when time hangs heavy on hands forced to be idle. Certainly, here is a simple and easy task waiting for those who are anxious to serve the needs of our soldiers in some way, but with little time or money to spare. And convalescents in the hospital are not the only ones who will find the scrapbook something to enjoy and pass along. So, if you are casting about for something to send to the Sammies for Christmas, consider the many virtues of a clever scrapbook.

Burlington agent resigns position

We were surprised the first of the week to learn that Agent Alcorn had tendered his resignation to the railroad company to take effect at once. Mr. Alcorn has some of the best land on the south side of the river for which water will be ready the coming season besides other outside interest that require his attention.

The work at this station has increased enormously the past few years and a shortage of help has left Mr. Alcorn with more than any one man should be expected to do.

75 Years Ago

Nov. 4, 1942

Football squads help top beets

Offering their assistance to alleviate the definite labor shortage in the beet harvest, 69 members of the Torrington High School football squad and their coaches, Wes Evans and Royal Huckins, spent Monday and Tuesday getting out beets.

The boys worked at the Jensen and the Funkhouser farms and in the two days got out approximately 230 tons of beets. According to the coaches, the experience proved more of a workout than an equal number of hours on
the gridiron.

Post Office robbers apprehended

Information received by the local postmaster, D. T. Shoemaker, and the sheriff’s office states that two persons, a man and a woman, have been apprehended in Deadwood, S.D., in connection with a robbery in that locality and they have confessed to the robbery of the Torrington Post Office on Sunday night, Oct. 25.

The man, whose name is given as Douglass, is an ex-convict and with his female companion, Johnson, is being held in South Dakota.

Postal Inspector Mosley stopped briefly in Torrington between bus transfers today and informed the local postmaster he was en route to Deadwood to investigate the case for this post office.

50 Years Ago

Nov. 2, 1967

Chamber okays bond issue

At their regular board of directors meeting, the Torrington Chamber of Commerce gave unanimous approval in endorsing next week’s school
bond issue.

The board heard Lee Seid, joe Maier and Paul Novak discuss the issue before passing the resolution.

The Chamber of Commerce joined a long list of other area groups, which have previously approved passage of the issue.

Cartwright issues warning to paint sprayers

Torrington Police Chief Jack Cartwright today issued a stern warning to those responsible for spraying paint on buildings and other property Halloween night.

In issuing the warning, Cartwright said anyone even found with a can of paint in their possession had better have a good reason for having it.

The incidents are still being investigated and the chief promised those guilty will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Other than the paint spraying activities, Cartwright and the Sheriff’s Department reported a “quiet” Halloween night.

25 Years Ago

Nov. 4, 1992

Clerk reports record turnout

The 1992 General Election drew the highest number of Goshen County voters to the ballot box Tuesday in at least 19 years, according to Goshen County Clerk Wendell Grapes.

“It is the highest turnout I’ve ever been involved with,” says the 19-
year veteran.

A full 87.81 percent of county voters braved the cold and wind Tuesday to exercise their voting rights.

“Apparently, the presidential, congressional and state representative races, I would think, created a lot of interest,” Grapes said.

A record number of Americans voted Tuesday also, braving snow in some places and long lines almost everywhere. Curtis Gans, a voter turnout expert, projected at least 100 million voters cast ballots, eclipsing the previous high of 92.6 million set in 1984 and producing the first major reversal in a 32-year decline in voter turnout.

Council gives blessing to fifth-grade project

One student representative from each of the fifth-grade classes at Trail Elementary School spoke Tuesday before the Torrington Town Council, seeking permission and backing from the body for a project.

The project the school children have taken on is to put a historical marker on the grave of Theodore Booth in Torrington’s Valley View Cemetery. The students took turns outlining the project, noting Booth was a cowboy from Lockhart, Texas, who was helping to drive a herd of cattle through Wyoming.

The students explained Booth was fording a creek when his horse got stuck in quicksand. He then apparently fell into the water, where he drowned.

While the children were talking, Torrington Police Chief Billy Janes collected a small handful of paper money from several city department heads and gave it to the students to apply towards their goal.

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