307 Bar and Grill a family affair

TORRINGTON – For siblings Julie Miller-Harshberger and Jimmy Miller, going into business with one another was nothing out of the ordinary.

The duo, having worked together in their younger years helping out at their family-owned businesses, are seasoned professionals when it comes to partnering with one another. 

Miller mentioned growing up on a farm south of Lingle and when he and his sister were in elementary school, their parents got out of farming, taking on various business endeavors including the successful video stores they helped operate.

Along with their spouses, Julie’s husband Charlie and Jimmy’s wife Tommi, the siblings opened 307 Bar and Grill in January of 2018. Having survived a pandemic where many restaurants struggled, their business survived because of the grit and determination of a family willing to do whatever it takes for one another.

 The pair agrees that it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

“You always hear – don’t do business with family,” Miller said. “But at the same time…you’re gonna go the extra mile for family. Julie and I may fight sometimes, but she’s the only sister I’ve got, and I will bend over backwards for her.”

“I think it takes patience with some people,” Miller-Harshberger said with a chuckle, mentioning there also must be a balance of personalities and the ability to compromise.

Miller said the key to being successful as family members and business partners is communication.

“The time we don’t communicate is the time that we end up arguing about things,” Miller said. “We kind of have to stay on the same page. The bigger the business, the more communication you need.”

Miller also credits their success to being community minded. “In our mind is always the community here,” Miller said. “And we’re one big family.”

The Millers and Harshbergers are looking forward to catering events this summer. With experience in catering weddings, quinceaneras and funerals, 307 Bar and Grill is eager to help community members with events, big or small.

307 Bar and Grill really enjoys catering for the local community. “It makes you feel good knowing that you’re helping your fellow people,” Miller said.

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