Musing on heroes and heels . . .

I was talking with one of the reporters Friday morning, telling tales about some of the interesting things I’ve photographed and reported on in almost three decades as a professional journalist.... more


Just thinking...November 1, 2017

Every idea I had for a column this week ran up against a mental brick wall, until it registered in the dark recesses of my brain that Veteran’s Day is coming up, and I’m working on a story for that.... more


After the final whistle

Fall – what a great season.... more


Public invited to view new ultrasound mobile unit

The public is invited to attend a Town Meeting, Monday, Oct. 16, at the Rendezvous Center on the Goshen County Fairgrounds in Torrington, where the new Life Choice Pregnancy Mobile Unit will be on display. ... more


Response to reader questions about article’s intent

A reader recently questioned a social media post relating to a story published in the Sept. 29 Torrington Telegram.... more


Lunch Menus: October 11-17, 2017

Lunch Menus: October 11-17, 2017... more


Show ‘leadership, statesmanship’

First of all, I want to establish the fact that Donald Trump is our President and the Republican Party has complete control of our federal government at the present time. ... more


Power of the press is in being the Way to Know for news consumers

The power of the press rests in the ability of journalists to hold government accountable, to mobilize public opinion on matters that are important to individuals, communities or the nation, and to provide necessary information of value.... more


Signs of the times . . .

We have heard the term, “signs of the times are everywhere.” ... more


Symbols cloud the issues . . .

I don’t expect you to print this letter and neither do the 10 people I had read it.... more


The wandering cat came back

Minnow, a slinky, silver cat with big, green eyes, disappeared on Tuesday, Aug. 15. ... more


Our state portrayed in movies, TV thanks to Taylor Sheridan

Wyoming has been the home for four years to the hottest young movie and TV director Taylor Sheridan.... more


Response to recent information about Virginia

In 1968 I enrolled at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and our family moved for graduate study.... more


Questioning power not a new phenomenon

Many people, mainly news media, disparage President Trump’s bellicose remarks to North Korea.... more


Memories of following the beets

It just dawned on me this morning that I have been writing about sugar beet harvest for 25 years. The first eight years were here in Torrington, taking pictures and reporting on harvest progress for Holly Sugar. ... more


Readers upset by editorial cartoon

In the past week, we’ve received blowback in letters and on social media regarding a political cartoon published in the Aug. 16 Torrington Telegram.... more


The day Wyoming went dark

I first heard about Monday’s total solar eclipse a couple years ago.... more