During the summer and early fall there have been so many activities to be involved in and be a part of that it’s been a busy time for most people... more


Romans 8:28

It used to be one of my least favorite days of the year.... more


The Fours

You know when you’re a golfer, and you hear the word “Fore” that you may be in danger,... more


Thoughts on crossover voting; part II

After several conversations, ... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

It has been a long time coming.... more


The book of life

I’ve always thought of the Bible ... more


Letter to the editor - Puebla - Aug. 24, 2022

Many accept the ACLU as mainstream, but history paints a radically different picture. Alliance Defense Fund is dedicated to exposing the myth ACLU works diligently for First Amendment rights. Since its establishment, ACLU has devoted itself to divesting America’s most cherished traditions, values, and laws.... more

'Cheers' to you, Angell

A legend in his own time, Jim Angell, 64, passed away Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, at Davis Hospice Center in Cheyenne after a bout with cancer. ... more


In His time

I’ve had a lot of different clocks in my house and in my stores over the years;... more


Goshen County residents could feel impact of school lunch increase

TORRINGTON – Last week, Goshen County School District (GCSD) board members voted to approve a ten-cent school lunch and breakfast increase to $3.05 based on the recommendation of the food services department in response to the growing inflation woes, however, are local parents able and ready to pay for school lunches again without undue hardship?... more


Thoughts on crossover voting

In Wyoming, crossover voting is currently permitted by state law. Being as Wyoming allows open primaries with partisan registration on the day of the election, this raises the question as to whether crossover voting should be permitted or not.... more


Mask on ... Mask off

While running through the Newark International Airport in New Jersey last week to catch my flight after my first one was delayed, I thought to myself, “this sure would be easier to do without a mask.” ... more


Open Letter to the Community

I have a heavy spirit and a broken heart. I am so disgusted with the actions of the board of EWC that I had to write and stand up for the truth. ... more


Letter to the editor

Below are a few of the many benefits Medicaid expansion would have provided to Wyoming and Goshen County:... more