Signs of the times . . .

We have heard the term, “signs of the times are everywhere.” ... more


Symbols cloud the issues . . .

I don’t expect you to print this letter and neither do the 10 people I had read it.... more


The wandering cat came back

Minnow, a slinky, silver cat with big, green eyes, disappeared on Tuesday, Aug. 15. ... more


Our state portrayed in movies, TV thanks to Taylor Sheridan

Wyoming has been the home for four years to the hottest young movie and TV director Taylor Sheridan.... more


Musing on heroes and heels . . .

was talking with one of the reporters Friday morning, telling tales about some of the interesting things I’ve photographed and reported on in almost three decades as a professional journalist.... more


Response to recent information about Virginia

In 1968 I enrolled at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and our family moved for graduate study.... more


Questioning power not a new phenomenon

Many people, mainly news media, disparage President Trump’s bellicose remarks to North Korea.... more


Memories of following the beets

It just dawned on me this morning that I have been writing about sugar beet harvest for 25 years. The first eight years were here in Torrington, taking pictures and reporting on harvest progress for Holly Sugar. ... more


Readers upset by editorial cartoon

In the past week, we’ve received blowback in letters and on social media regarding a political cartoon published in the Aug. 16 Torrington Telegram.... more


The day Wyoming went dark

I first heard about Monday’s total solar eclipse a couple years ago.... more


Chasing the 2017 eclipse across 98,000 square miles

This “Great Eclipse of 2017” business has had me traveling Wyoming from one end of the state to the other.... more


Longing for the good ol’ days

One of my many duties as editor of the Torrington Telegram every week is compiling copy and images for the Look Back feature, which appears in (most) Friday editions.... more


Are you packing? Nope, just looking like a Wyoming has-been old-timer

The first time it happened was when I was in the bar area of the Lander Community Center during a Whiteheart charity fund-raiser to benefit disabled veterans.... more


Crazier than a pet ‘coon

Growing up, my family had several unconventional pets, as well as plenty of conventional pets with unusual tendencies. ... more


The ‘inevitable consequence’ of socialized healthcare

The story of Charlie Gard, a medically frail baby in England is the latest of many perfect examples of why we don’t need single payer healthcare liberals are trying to encumber on we the people. ... more


Dog lover says it’s time to ‘clean it up’

I surely do love dogs.... more


County Fair memories: ‘Oh, my aching back . . .’

It’s county fair time again.... more


Not looking forward to ‘the good ol’ days’

When it comes to pre-existing health conditions, there’s no such thing as the good ol’ days.... more


It’s the little things that count

First of all, a great big “Thank You” to all of you who have welcomed me back to the pages of the Torrington Telegram.... more


Counting steps walking through Cowboy State in summer

Is there a better place in the world for a morning walk than a nice path in Wyoming?... more


Should patriotism be dangerous?

With a title like that, you’re probably thinking I’m going to touch on topics like the brave men and women who serve in our military, the threat of terrorism or explore what it means to be an American today.... more


Reader questions science of climate change theories

There is not just a century of global climate change study. ... more


Take a look at where independence comes from

I’m always called to pause and think at this time of year.... more


Denying access to public records flouts letter, intent of law

In a 1765 treatise, Founding Father John Adams wrote, “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right … to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean, of the character and conduct of their rulers.”... more


Well, I’m back

After 17 years as agriculture editor at a neighboring newspaper, I jumped at the chance to return to where I began my journalism career more than 30 years ago.... more