After the final whistle

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. The late-night hemming and hawing over brackets is done. The expert picks have been analyzed time and time again. The ink has dried (or the mouse clicked) on brackets across the country and it’s time to get down to business – basketball.... more


A Winter Olympics wrap-up

The winter Olympics have come and gone.... more


‘You married me for my car – my 1959 Volkswagen’

Over the course of our family history, it seems that Nancy’s and my long time together always involved car stories.... more


If Idaho ditches ACA, other states may follow

What happens in Idaho in the coming weeks undoubtedly will not stay in Idaho. What happens there could make a big difference in how much you pay for your health insurance – or whether you can even get insurance. ... more


The assault on public education continues

Over the last 15-plus years, there has been a continued assault on our local public schools. ... more


Even in the dark, there are bright spots, too

Being in the business of community journalism, I every so often hear and/or see things I can’t or, more often than not, choose not to talk about in the course of regular reporting of the news.... more


Don’t close your eyes to community members who want to serve

I’m writing this out of great concern for the Torrington community.... more


A few random thoughts on past and present

Boy, it gets tougher all the time, trying to find a topic for a column. I don’t lead an exciting life. Work and home and work.... more


After the final whistle

While local sports keep rolling on, some upcoming national and international sporting events are circled on my calendar.... more


Life is too short when it comes to Cosmos, golden dogs and a few thousand good friends

In her own words, Leslie Blythe could see a time into the future when she would gather with a few of her girlfriends, all of whom were now over 100 years old, and they would sip cocktails at 4 p.m. Her drink of choice would naturally be a Cosmopolitan.... more


Mom-entum into the new year

It’s prime time for New Year’s resolutions, and less than three weeks into 2018, most diet plans, financial goals and new hobbies are still going strong.... more


Editorial Cartoon, Jan. 10, 2018

Cartoonist Gary Varvel opines on the state of the world... more


Letter to the Editor, Jan. 10, 2018

Shelter manager thanks Waggin’ Tails volunteers... more


My Wyoming

Far be it for me to refer to Wyoming as a “hole,” but that was the unique position our state held during the worst bust in its history.... more


Low-income doesn’t equate with ‘lazy’

Far too often, I hear the Trump supporters saying how he will cut government assistance programs so the low-income people will be forced to get a job. ... more


Wonders why so many attack the GOP?

My goodness, it saddens me to see such a wrong way of looking at the United States of America, as expressed in a Letter to the Editor. Some people must believe every lie they hear.... more


Memories of trimming the tree

Often, in the short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m called upon by family members to help decorate their trees. ... more


Washington student seeks local help with class project

I am a student at Cascade Christian Schools. I am writing a report on the state of Wyoming.... more


Some Christmas cheer from the Schmidt house and Worland home

A famous cartoon concerning folks named Schmidt is often circulated around the Internet these days.... more


What was the purpose of the Preamble?

It appears that some folks grasp on to the Constitution to justify their preconceived thoughts regarding the administration and congress of our government today. ... more