President or King?

Regardless of who serves as President of the Wyoming Senate, it is a position of service, not a kingship. ... more

True tax reform

For decades, the executive and legislative branches have recognized that Wyoming’s tax structure is in a permanent state of imbalance. The two branches largely supported the work of the Tax Reform 2000 Committee and have implemented many of the recommendations.... more


Be thankful for the snow

As winter comes closer to an end, many have complained about the ongoing winter storms and weather that continue to plague us. There have been occasions where it has seemed that we have been doing nothing but counting the days between snowstorms. It seems, if it does get warm enough to melt off some of the snow, it isn’t long before the next storm hits us. ... more


Learn more about history

I think more people should take up an interest in historical topics. I understand that everyone has their own personal preferences, and for some people, these topics are considered boring, but they don’t have to be. History covers a wide array of subjects. ... more


2/8/23 Letter to the editor – Borger

I recently read a paper from Stanford University titled CEPA Working Paper No. 21-05 that asked questions about four-day school weeks. It listed over 650 school districts having switched to four-day school weeks as of 2019. The challenge is there is very little in terms of measurable data to determine the effects of a four-day school week. ... more


Wyoming legislators pioneering paths to protect our most vulnerable: our children

Wyoming legislators are channeling their inner pioneering spirit by passing one committee senate bill and introducing a second one, both of which are aimed at protecting our most vulnerable citizens: our children.... more


More government transparency coming from your newspaper

Your newspaper and newspapers across Wyoming are advocating in the state legislature to make government information more accessible to you. ... more


Holocaust Remembrance Day shows similarities from 80 years ago

Nearly 80 years ago the world watched in horror after discovering millions of Jews, supporters and other groups standing against the genocide were marched to their deaths; among them was my family. Last week, I spoke before my son’s sixth grade class regarding the Holocaust and how we survived – but also how we face many of the same and similar trials, tribulations roughly 80 years later.... more


Legislature just not the same without Hank, Clarene, Leland and Jimbo

The ghosts and/or spirits of Clarene Law, Leland Christensen, Hank Coe, and Jim Angell seem omnipresent when I think of the Wyoming Legislature. ... more



The Goshen County School District’s board of trustees voted to table the approval of Superintendent Ryan Kramer’s contract to the board’s March meeting. The matter was brought up again during a special meeting held Jan. 16. The board voted to approve Kramer’s contract extension through the 2024-2025 school year. Four board members voted against the extension: Chris Alexander, Bob Peterson, Wade Phipps and Matthew Cushman.... more

New Year's Resolutions should be meaningful, fulfilling

TORRINGTON – Despite its religious roots for many cultures, people and times in history, New Year’s is mostly a secular celebration worldwide, especially in the United States. Instead of making promises to God or gods, people make promises to themselves and focus purely on self-improvement or selfish indulgences.... more

On law and crime

I recently wrote about a local man who had been arrested after having allegedly struck a female with his vehicle at the intersection of Main Street (Highway 85) and West Valley Road (Highway 26). I have heard a great deal of criticism about law enforcement’s, the county attorney’s and the Telegram’s response to this matter. I would like to take a moment to explain some things.... more

Why Wyoming?

I’ve been asked recently, “Why do I live in Wyoming? Why would I want to?” At the time, I just responded with a quick answer, “I love it here and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.” I didn’t really think too much about it until afterward. ... more


Let the kids have a snow day

GOSHEN COUNTY – For many of us it’s an age-old, sacred tradition to wake up and see our school name scroll at the bottom of the television stating the district or school issued a snow day. An endearing tradition which lasted until recently when all of our lives abruptly stopped – at least for a short time.... more


Letter to the editor, Eisenbarth - 11/30/22

Dear editor, This past election ushered in a level of ugliness and nastiness never before seen in Goshen County politics. A large measure of a person’s worth is based on how we treat others. Maybe that is the politics of Florida and California but that is not who we are or what we are here in Goshen County. ... more


Holiday Greetings spread joy, cheer, love and a little bit of magic

TORRINGTON – The holiday season is upon us and one thing for certain is it tends to bring out a unique kind of spirit only found during the month of December.... more


Animals are not holiday gifts

We are rapidly approaching the holiday season – with that being said, animals are not holiday gifts; they are a “furever” home commitment.... more

Greetings neighbors

The General Election has come and gone. Though some of us may not have had the result we desired, it’s imperative to remember we are all neighbors in Goshen County, all people striving for the best for our community. ... more


Mask on ... Mask off

While running through the Newark International Airport in New Jersey last week to catch my flight after my first one was delayed, I thought to myself, “this sure would be easier to do without a mask.” ... more


Open Letter to the Community

I have a heavy spirit and a broken heart. I am so disgusted with the actions of the board of EWC that I had to write and stand up for the truth. ... more


Letter to the editor

Below are a few of the many benefits Medicaid expansion would have provided to Wyoming and Goshen County:... more