Hair today, gone tomorrow

After going to both the state soccer tournament and state track meet this past weekend, I am convinced that some of the best heads of hair on high school athletes hail from Goshen County.... more


The politicization of decency

The Department of Justice recently announced charges against 15 people who have been trafficking in eagle body parts. “U.S. Attorney Randy Seiler …described one operation as basically a "chop-shop for eagles" in which eagle feathers were stuffed into garb... more


The measure of a mother

For the last three months, much of my life has been consumed by a tiny, adorable human I am blessed to call my daughter.... more


Proposed cuts would hurt seniors

Federal funding for meals on wheels is on the chopping block. ... more


Obvious questions but elusive answers

There’s a commercial circulating on the airwaves right now with a celebrity calling for more, limitless wireless data service. ... more

On the perks of being the grandparent

The key to world peace is grandkids. If enough of the world leaders had grandkids they wouldn’t have time to create their own mischief, they’d be too busy cleaning up after their grandkid’s mischief. Or they’d be too sick to care.... more

Living in Wyoming is a privilege

When I moved to Wyoming 40-some years ago it was not with the intention of staying. I really hadn’t given post-graduate school any thought. I guess I assumed I’d probably return home. ... more


Where are we headed with Obamacare replacement?

There is a great deal of speculation floating around in Washington, Congress has no replacement plan for Obamacare.... more


Reader responds to campus carry concerns

In reply to an article in the Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 issue of the The Torrington Telegram run as: “Gun bills clear Senate committee”... more

From the News Desk

There’s a place in Tyler, Texas, I used to love to visit. It’s called the Discovery Science Place and it’s just what it sounds like it would be. ... more


Daylight savings bill killed in Wyo Senate

I heard on the radio this morning (Feb. 7, 2017) that the Wyoming Senate killed Senate File 125, 22 no to 8 yes. ... more


Another view on HB135

Three letters last week supported HB135, all agreeing that the authors have the right to refuse service to fellow Americans because of their religious beliefs.... more

The Sticks

Throughout my life, I’ve had the honor of knowing some top-notch mothers – from my own mom, to my granny, to my great-grandma, and all of the cousins, aunts and other child-rearing women I’m lucky enough to be related to in one way or another.... more


Separation of church and state

I believe the people of Goshen County and all the residents of Wyoming would benefit from letters published in this newspaper and others from Rep. Cheri Steinmetz and Sen. Curt Meier.... more


‘Right to refuse service’

In regards to the HB 135 bill, what ever happened to the “right to refuse service” that we as business owners used to have in our stores? ... more


Accommodate...Don’t discriminate

As I understand HB 135, it seems to bring us closer to the true meaning of tolerance. ... more


Dear Cheri, HB 135 said...

As was clearly evidenced by the Town Hall meeting held a week ago by our representatives, some individuals don’t take the time to read and understand legislative bills (HB135) and others manage to distort the intended meaning into something to be fearful ... more