The Bible is made up of words.... more


Letter to the Editor

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Democracy; get involved

I recently attended a Torrington City Council meeting, where the council discussed a controversial subject... more


Embracing the joy in a diverse world

Every day I look out my window and not only see one type of bird, but at minimum three or four types.... more


Can the American people get a break?

I only recently learned about the concept of the “October surprise.” ... more



“What’s your purpose for me today, God? ... more


Viewing life from The Waiting Chair

The Waiting Chair.... more


I don’t want to write yet another obituary for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who passed away on Sept. 18. But as a young woman who has benefited immeasurably from her years of service, I have to say something.... more


Book review

Hey, Andrew, I’ve got a great idea for an article for the paper ... more


And the wind, she blows

Droughts are never easy. ... more


The Master Weaver

There is a great deal of beauty in the many crafts of the American Indians.... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

That morning we immediately noticed each other. ... more



Who was that masked man who just said Hi to me?... more



The day started early.... more

Editorial Cartoon, Aug. 12, 2020

Cartoon by Gary Varvell... more

Baseball. Heartbreak. Family.

As I sit here just a few days after the heartbreak of finishing the season shy of our goal, I am still at a loss for words. Saying goodbye is the hardest part, and honestly, one of the reasons I had to walk away from coaching eight years ago. ... more

An evening with the Homemakers

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending the evening with the Node Homemakers Club of Lusk as two of its members baked pies for the Niobrara County Fair.... more



This year I have a huge new beautiful area for my garden. The area used to be a beautiful 23 foot long, deep swimming pool that was my real “Happy Place.” Over the years, however, it became much too expensive to maintain for one person to enjoy, so we finally had it all filled in and the whole area around it redone beautifully.... more


My farewell plea, and some much-needed answers

This is my last column for the Torrington Telegram. ... more