Vistabeam looks to cover Goshen County

TORRINGTON – Vistabeam, a Gering, Neb. company, opened a branch office in Torrington the first week in May and is looking to spread its broadband bounty throughout Goshen County.
Though the company has provided broadband service to customers from Casper to Lusk to Pine Bluffs and in Laramie and Medicine Bow for many years, Torrington is the first branch office located in Wyoming.
“Torrington has always been one of our really good spots,” said Vistabeam Founder and CEO Matt Larsen. “We’ve been in the community a long time and it is a good place for us to reach out and expand out services.
“This is an opportunity for us to use this office to springboard and build out the rest of Goshen County.”
The “springboard” will be fiber-optic cable Larsen says will be trenched in from Morrill, Neb.
“We have laid fiber into Morrill and will be bringing that into Torrington so we can concentrate on providing higher capacity. Right now (Internet service) all comes in over microwave,” he said. “That will allow us to upgrade our wireless to even faster wireless. Up to 1 GB for businesses.”
Currently, the fastest Internet service Vistabeam provides in the county is 100 MB for a few businesses and 25 MB for residential users. Streaming video has been the biggest reason for the need for increased capacity.
“The demand for online video, games, TV, movies, has caused us to triple our capacity,” Larsen said. “But we’ve offered 25 MB and 100 MB for several years.
“The one gigabyte target has been blown out of proportion by companies like Google. For the vast majority of businesses, 100 MB is more than adequate. Speed varies depending on how many people are on the access points at any given time.”
With the demand for faster Internet speeds continuing to grow and competitive pressure making its way to Torrington from Chugwater, Larsen said Vistabeam needs to step up its game.
“Our number one priority for Torrington is to bring in more capacity. The second thing we plan to do is quite a bit of upgrading for our existing customers.
“On average, we have to replace the wireless network every five years and we are scheduled to do that again within the next 18 months.
“It is obviously very expensive to do, but it is part of the business. We want to show Goshen County that we can take care of them.”

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