U.S. Postal Service launches new election mail website

WASHINGTON D.C. – In a press release at the end of July, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has launched a new election mail website as an additional source for state and county election officials as some states are choosing to expand mail-in voting options, while other states are restricting them. However, here in Wyoming and Goshen County, it’s voter preference and more closely to stricter restrictions regarding mail-in voting options.

In a press release, USPS Media Specialist Martha Johnson wrote, “the postal service recognizes that many states are choosing to expand mail-in voting options in the upcoming election and that there will likely be significant increase in demand among postal customers to participate in those elections by using the mail.”

“In response, the Postal Service has updated its website to serve both voting customers seeking information on how to use the mail to vote and election officials seeking resources to help make their administration of the upcoming elections a success,” Johnson added.

For domestic voters, the USPS website provides direct links to federal election resources as well as links to state-specific resources. However, for overseas and military voters, the new site provides additional information – such as resources for supporting overseas and military voters' election participation.

Goshen County election officials said this is a welcomed resource by the USPS in helping educate voters while facilitating voters with information about where and how to vote in upcoming elections. However, local election officials said it is already too late to vote absentee in the August 16 Primary Election,  if those individuals have not already been sent their ballots. Additionally, those voters seeking to switch their party to vote in favor of the Congressional incumbent will have to do it in person and vote early in-person.

Latest data from the Goshen County Clerk’s office indicates that approximately 200 residents countywide have switched their party from Democrat to Republican, to presumably vote in favor of incumbent Liz Cheney against challenger Harriet Hageman. However, the county clerk could not release voting specific data or not results data at this time. The Telegram will have a comprehensive Primary Election results coverage in the Wednesday, August 17 edition.

What the new USPS election mail website offers is more educational guidance for voters choosing to vote absentee in the November election, and/or future elections, as well as information about current election mail-in ballot information.

“The site also highlights what the Postal Service views as the most critical information for voters who opt to vote through the U.S. Mail: that, in requesting or casting a mail-in ballot, they not only must comply with their local jurisdictions’ requirements, but also should start the process early,” Johnson wrote.

“To allow sufficient time for voters to receive, complete and return ballots via the mail, the Postal Service strongly recommends that voters request ballots at the earliest point allowable, but no later than 15 days prior to the election date,” Johnson added. That date has already passed for the Primary Elections, however that date for the November Election would be on or before, October 28, 2022.

While Goshen County election officials encourage county residents to vote as they are comfortable with, whether in-person on a machine; in-person on paper ballots; early in-person; early-absentee voting; or day of election in-person or drop off ballot voting, it is still recommended residents understand the wide variety of options available within the county to cast their votes.

Goshen County residents may visit www.goshencounty.org/elections-page for more information; residents can also view a sample ballot with current candidate information on its website.

For more information about the USPS new election mail website, election resources and links, visit, www.usps.com/votinginfo.