Tuesday coronavirus recoveries outnumber new cases

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases seen in Wyoming since the illness was first detected here in mid-March grew by 29 on Tuesday.

However, the number of recoveries seen in all the cases recorded since the pandemic began grew more quickly, gaining 40 to total 1,274 among patients with both confirmed and probable cases.

The Wyoming Department of Health, in its daily coronavirus update, said new cases were reported Tuesday in Albany, Big Horn, Campbell, Carbon, Laramie, Lincoln, Park, Sweetwater, Teton and Washakie counties. Sweetwater had the highest number of new cases, nine.

The additions brought the total number of cases seen since March to 1,378.

As of Tuesday, Fremont County had 328 cases; Laramie County had 194; Uinta County had 152; Natrona County had 130; Teton had 114; Sweetwater had 112; Park had 63; Campbell had 62; Albany had 39; Washakie had 35; Lincoln had 32; Big Horn had 20; Sheridan had 19; Carbon, Converse and Johnson had 16; Hot Springs had nine; Crook had seven; Goshen had six; Platte and Sublette had three, and Niobrara and Weston had one.

The number of those patients to recover since the pandemic began increased by 40 on Monday to total 1,274, including 1,011 among patients with laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus and 263 among those with probable cases.

The Department of Health defines a recovery as occurring when a patient has gone for 72 hours without a fever — without using fever-reducing medicine — and has seen improvements in any respiratory problems.

The number of probable cases seen since the pandemic began was 333 on Monday. A probable case is defined as one where a patient has coronavirus symptoms and has been in contact with someone with a known case, but has not been tested.

The Health Department’s numbers indicated the number of active cases in the state on Monday was 419, including 349 patients with laboratory-confirmed cases and 70 patients with probable cases.

Coronavirus case count in Wyoming by county

As reported by the Wyoming Department of Health, 3 p.m. Tuesday, July 7


Albany:         39

Big Horn:         20

Campbell: 62

Carbon:         16

Converse: 16

Crook: 7

Fremont:         328

Goshen:         6

Hot Springs:    9

Johnson:         16

Laramie:         194

Lincoln:         32

Natrona:         130

Niobrara:         1

Park:         63

Platte: 3

Sheridan:         19

Sublette:         3

Sweetwater: 112

Teton: 114

Uinta:         152

Washakie: 35

Weston:         1


Total 1,378

Unconfirmed probable cases of coronavirus by county


As reported by the Wyoming Department of Health, 3 p.m. Tuesday, July 7


Albany:     4

Big Horn:  4

Campbell: 13

Carbon:    11

Converse: 11

Crook: 0

Fremont:   42

Goshen:   2

Hot Springs: 3

Johnson:  4

Laramie:   104

Lincoln:    5

Natrona:   23

Niobrara:  1

Park: 7

Platte: 1

Sheridan:  8

Sublette:   3

Sweetwater: 10

Teton: 32

Uinta: 38

Washakie: 5

Weston:    0


Total: 333


Probable cases identified as people who had direct contact with a person with a confirmed case of coronavirus and who is showing symptoms of the disease but has not been tested.


Coronavirus recoveries by county


As reported by the Wyoming Department of Health, 3 p.m. Tuesday, July 7

Albany:     27 

Big Horn:  12 

Campbell: 50 

Carbon:    21 

Converse: 26 

Crook: 7
Fremont:   294 


Hot Springs: 12 

Johnson:  19 

Laramie:   228 

Lincoln:    18 

Natrona:   93 

Niobrara:  2 

Park: 33

Platte               2

Sheridan:  19 


Sweetwater: 82 

Teton: 122