Troupe 757 takes the stage at International Thespian Festival

Courtesy/Goshen Theatre Troupe 757 “Feeling good after our One-Act performance”

TORRINGTON – Members of the Goshen County High School Theatre Troupe 757 recently attended the 2022 International Thespian Festival (ITF). The team won the 3A Wyoming State Thespian Festival this year. The troupe’s one-act proscenium placed first and was selected to represent Wyoming at ITF.

“We were one of only 20 one-acts in the nation to perform,” Director Christine “Chris” Quillen told the Telegram. “Troupe 757 did Wyoming proud and rocked their one-act performance! Everyone enjoyed meeting new people and attending plays, musicals and workshops, too.”

The group left Torrington at midnight on June 20 and flew of Denver at 5 a.m. They arrived in Bloomington, Indiana at 9 a.m. and headed to the University of Bloomington.

The Thespy participants, students who received superior ratings at the Wyoming Thespian Festival and were adjudicated in a field of over 5,000 qualifying entries from across the nation were Avey Jespersen/Bethany Wunibald with a duet musical, Bethany Wunibald with a solo musical and Kaycee McCallen with a short film.

Earning excellent ratings for their events were Kaycee McCallen with an acting monologue and Olivia Judkins with a solo musical.

Troupe 757 performed Divided We Fall: A Series of Teenage Monologues by Bryan Starchman at the festival.

“When we remain divided, it is easy to fall. But when we feel safe enough to talk,…and when others truly listen…only then do we realize that we are not alone,” the cover to the playbill reads.

Cast, production and creative members included Elias Bustamante, Bethany Wunibald, Madison Copenbarger, Jeremy Barker, Kaycee McCallen, Brandon Stone, Olivia Judkins, Avey Jespersen, Anthony Minter, Erin Jespersen, Aaron Bahmer and Christine Quillen.

Sponsors of the Goshen County High School Theatre Troupe 757 include Torrington Arby’s, Torrington Elks Club, Wagner’s Floral, Equity Staffing Group, Inc., The Braddy Family, Salway Printing, AJ’s Soda Shop, Torrington Travel, Carlos and Lynette Saucedo, Paul and Wendy Martinez, Goshen County School District No. 1, The Troupe 757 Drama Mamas and the community of Torrington and surrounding areas. 

“Thanks again to everyone who helped us get here,” Quillen said. “It was an amazing experience and opportunity to perform for our peers!”

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