TPD Cops and Cones

TORRINGTON – In a continued effort to bolster more effective community policing programs, Torrington Police Department held its second annual Cops and Cones event at the Dale Jones Municipal Swimming Pool on Monday.

“It’s just fun, fun, fun,” Torrington Police Department Chief Matt Johnson told the Telegram. “What Cops and Cones is really about is getting our officers out to see our community, the children and giving them an opportunity to see us during the summer months when they aren’t in school.”

“We get to engage in a meaningful, fun and tasty way that continues to bridge the gap between community and effective community policing programs,” Johnson added.

TPD’s Cops and Cones is a free summer event, which is hosted by the departments’ Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program and its officers, in which they engage with community members, children in the community and treat children to free ice cream.

This year, the ice cream was bought and paid for by TPD and provided by Bee Chilled, a Torrington-based mobile ice cream truck that serves the city and surrounding areas.

Chief Johnson spent much of his time laughing, entertaining and interacting with children as he sprayed their feet and the sidewalk down with cold water while they waited to get some ice cream.

D.A.R.E. officers and other TPD officers also entertained and interacted with kids and Daren, the D.A.R.E. lion. They also spent time handing out D.A.R.E. police badges and learning activities to the kids while educating them about the drug program.

“We are excited about seeing the kids having fun outside of school,” Johnson added, “but we are really excited to be able to see them again once school starts back up here shortly.”

However, more than just a great opportunity to get out and have fun with the community, Johnson said, “Cops and Cones builds upon the foundation our department has been working in providing a robust, trustworthy, dependable community policing program that all of our citizens – young and old – can rely on.”

Torrington City Councilmember Rick Patterson, who was a former law enforcement officer and taught criminal justice studies at Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) said, “It’s nice to see this sort of law enforcement in the community.”

“This is a great example of positive contact and community policing between the local police department, Torrington Police, and our neighborhood children,” Patterson added. “I’m really proud of all the things Chief Johnson and TPD are doing for our community, and I hope they are the example for others.”

D.A.R.E./School Resource Officer Jeff Ryall’s wife, Liz Ryall who was sitting with her four children enjoying some ice cream, said, “TPD is doing a great job getting to know our community and the children.”

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