TMS sweeps home track meet

Lingle-Fort Laramie, Southeast also take part in TMS Invite

TORRINGTON – The Torrington Middle School track and field team swept the TMS Invite on Tuesday afternoon at Wiseman Field.

The Lady Blazers topped the nine-team field with 208.5 points. Southeast was second with 114 points, while Lingle-Fort Laramie was sixth with 29.

Both Torrington and Southeast girls picked up four wins on the day, while LFL won one.

Torrington got wins from Kadence Schamel (100-meter hurdles and 200-meter hurdles), 4x800-meter relay (Macauley McIntosh, Aftyn Hager, Zoe Wilson and Hattie Haefflin) and Kaia Jacobson (shot put). Southeast picked up wins courtesy of Mackenzie Booth (100-meter dash), Lizzy Boche (800-meter run), 4x400 relay (Bailey Mehling, Brylie Booth, Avery Tighe and Lizzy Boche) and Haylee Ekwall (discus). Cathryn Kinberg (1,600-meter run) earned the lone win of the day for Lingle.

In the boys’ division, the Blazers won the team with 170.5 points, while Wheatland was second with 137.5. The LFL boys were sixth with 32 points, and Southeast was seventh with 28.

Torrington was the only local team to pick up wins. The Blazers got wins from Drew Kramer (200-meter dash and triple jump), Beau Martinez (100-meter hurdles and 200-meter hurdles), 4x100-meter relay (Drew Kramer, Nathan Lira, Julian Stromski and Beau Martinez) and Nathan Lira (long jump).

The three middle schools are scheduled to be back in action on Tuesday, April 18. Southeast Middle School will host the meet at Wiseman Field in Torrington.

TMS, LFL and Southeast results (top eight only)


100-meter dash: 1. Mackenzie Booth; 2. Bailey Mehling; 3. Ellis Mortimore; 5. Aliah Karimou; 7. Charlee Floyd; 8. Sophia Tayor

200-meter dash: 4. Mackenzie Booth; 5. Esperanza Chavez; 7. Ava Mattis

400-meter dash: 2. Illyana Sanchez; 3. Brylie Booth; 5. Avery Tighe; 6. Olivia Kile; 7. Raelee Floerchinger; 8. Esther Foster

800-meter run: 1. Lizzy Booth; 2. Aftyn Hager; 3. Kassidy Mehling; 5. Macauley McIntosh; 6. Zoe Wilson; 7. Sophia Joe; 8. Grace Hibben

1,600-meter run: 1. Cathryn Kinberg; 2. Hattie Haefflin; 3. Avery Hendricks; 7. Julie Merrow

100-meter hurdles: 1. Kandance Schamel; 4. Ellis Mortimore; 5. Laney Walter

200-meter hurdles: 1. Kandance Schamel; 5. Ellis Mortimore

4x100-meter relay: 2. Torrington; 5. Southeast ‘A’; 6. Lingle-Fort Laramie; 8. Southeast ‘B’

4x800-meter relay: 1. Southeast; 3. Torrington ‘A’; 5. Torrington ‘B’

Sprint medley relay: 2. Southeast; 4. Lingle-Fort Laramie; 5. Torrington ‘B’; 6. Torrington ‘A’

Shot put: 1. Kaia Jacobson; 2. Haylee Ekwall; 3. Cathryn Reimer; 4. Zaela Rios

Discus: 1. Haylee Ekwall; 2. Macauley McIntosh; 3. Cathryn Reimer; 4. Kaia Jacobson; 5. Zaela Rios; 6. Jadyn Chilson

High jump: 3. Meaghan Hooper; 5. Peyton Lincoln; 6. Grace Hibben; 8. Ari Posten

Pole vault: 5. Esperanza Chavez; 8. Sophia Wilson

Long jump: 2. Kadance Schamel; 4. Mackenzie Booth; 5. Lizzy Boche; 7. Bailey Mehling; 8. Peyton Lincoln

Triple jump: 2. Kadance Schamel; 3. Ava Mattis; 5. Bailey Mehling 6. Catherine Hendricks; 7. Lizzy Boche


100-meter dash: 2. Nathan Lira; 4. Ace Herron; 7. Lincoln Speckner

200-meter dash: 1. Drew Kramer; 4. Lincoln Speckner; 6. Zade Olson

400-meter dash: 5. Dutch Ogburn; 6. Carter Groene

800-meter run: 2. Connor Coxbill; 4. Cole Tregemba; 5. Briggs Erskine; 6. Trevor Jolovich

1,600-meter run: 2. Gabe Jackson; 3. Bunnar Osback; 4. Cole Tregemba; 5. Achaius Boulden; 7. Carter Hendricks

100-meter hurdles: 1. Beau Martinez; 5. Cash Keller

200-meter hurdles: 1. Beau Martinez

4x100-meter relay: 1. Torrington; 6. Lingle-Fort Laramie; 7. Southeast

Sprint medley relay: 3. Lingle-Fort Laramie; 4. Torrington; 5. Southeast

Shot put: 4. Matthew Rogers; 6. Harrison Rodriguez; 8. Carter Groene

Discus: 2. Zeke Yung; 3. Matthew Rogers; 4. William Rogers; 7. Carter Groene