Tie dye fun

TOP: Keaton Wilkie, 5, gets gloved up by mom Tabitha Wilkie before things get messy during a tie-dye workshop Friday, hosted by Torrington Office Supply, at City Park in Torrington. ABOVE LEFT: Siblings Alejandra Felipe, 10, and Oswaldo Felipe, 12, both of Torrington, use squirt bottles to dye their shirts during a tie-dye workshop Friday at City Park in Torrington. BELOW LEFT: Kinzey Wilkins, left, and Brenly Ship, both 13 of Lingle, prepare their shirts for tie-dying on Friday at City Park in Torrington. Hosted by Torrington Office Supply, the event gave young people an opportunity to get out of the house while learning a fun skill. ABOVE RIGHT: Keaton Wilkie, 5, adds another color to his shirt Friday during a tie-dye workshop at City Park in Torrington.


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