‘This Is Me (And You)’

TORRINGTON – Goshen County native Warren Knowlton recently published his first book, “This Is Me (And You),” after spending several of the previous years of his life organizing his thoughts and jotting down ideas to create an interactive book. The book was written to engage the reader and make the reader think about what is important to them.

Knowlton grew up on a farm near Veteran. He was born and raised in Goshen County, attended Goshen County schools, Eastern Wyoming College and the University of Wyoming. After completing schooling, Knowlton began a teaching career which he would continue for the next five to six years throughout Wyoming. 

While an eighth grader, Knowlton was gifted a guitar and music books for Christmas. He then went on to pursue music in college and later served as an original founding member of the Torrington Fiddlers Association. 

Knowlton told the Telegram he used was inspired by his past in teaching and his application of music and music theory to begin putting thoughts together which ultimately resulted in the publishing of his book. 

“I started out by just writing down titles, ideas, things like that which resonated in my mind about how to live a life,” Knowlton explained. “How to be happy and content, get along with people. I’d read something and it would click then I would jot it down, or I would experience something, and I would try to put it into words.”

Knowlton said he has ideas for a second book, but he doesn’t know whether he will pursue that or not. 

“At some point I decided I wanted to expand the idea and explain it. The title was basically what I had,” Knowlton explained. “I’d pick a topic and then I would write on it.”

After nearing completion of the book, Knowlton referred to an advertisement he had seen in the Torrington paper. The advertisement was for Christian Faith Publishing. 

“I cut it out and let it sit for a while; then one day I called them,” Knowlton said. 

Knowlton had put together a draft hard copy and sent it to the publishing company. After going back and forth about the content of the book and a single spelling error, the publishing company agreed to proceed with publishing the book. 

Knowlton received a copy for himself, and another copy was given to the Goshen County Library for their guests and readers to checkout. 

“It’s been a year and a half to get it; first phone call to when it got out,” Knowlton said. “Next up is to advertise and get out copies.”

Going back to the design of the book, Knowlton created his book with the desire for people to think and engage with the book. 

Readers will find the two center pages of the book have headings and nothing more. The rest of the page was intentionally left blank by Knowlton so readers would take the time to determine what they see as their values and principles and joys and pleasures. After coming to a conclusion, he hopes they will write down their thoughts and use the book to create a sort of personal obligation to those value, principles, joys and pleasures.

Of the principles and values discussed in the book, Knowlton hopes others will live by their word as he tries to do. 

“I pretty much try to live by it,” Knowlton said. “People can live with each other; be kind and good. Be nice and be caring. It guides your life.”

As of press time, the only local outlet to read a copy of Knowlton’s book is the Goshen County Library, though Knowlton hopes to have his book available for purchase very soon. For those interested in learning more about Knowlton’s book, visit the Goshen County Library at 2001 East A Street in Torrington. 


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