SWAA 52nd Annual art show opens

Richard Granville of Wheatland looks over paintings, drawings and other art exhibits at the 52nd annual Southeast Wyoming Arts Association art show in The Loft at 21st and Main in Torrington on Saturday, May 1.

Showing will continue through the week

TORRINGTON – The Southeast Wyoming Arts Association held their 52nd Annual art show opening reception on Saturday, May 1, at 21st and Main in Torrington.

Those attending the reception were treated to a table to edible delights, drinks and conversation.

Arts association member and artist Jane Dorn told the Telegram she was thrilled to be able to have the art show as the previous year’s show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Artists with a common interest came together over 50 years ago, and they have been doing an art show every year since,” Dorn said. “We get artists from our own association here and then we also have a fair number of members in Nebraska.”

The show had a multitude of exhibits ranging from photographs to acrylic paintings, to watercolor paintings, to sculptures and more.

“It’s pretty much everything,” Dorn said. “It’s pretty much intended to bring in all of the visual arts.”

The show was divided into a range of categories based upon the ages of the participants, children, adolescents and adults. In addition to those categories, the show was further divided into genres relating to the medium used to create the artwork.

Much of the artwork is for sale, but for the works that are not for sale, the artists can be contacted by the association to determine whether the artist would be willing to create a separate work for sale, or to perhaps obtain a copy of the work.

One attendee, Richard Granville of Wheatland, looked about the many works of art in the room. He told the Telegram he had previously owned several original pieces of artwork, specifically sculptures and had recently reignited his interest in art.

Granville has recently reignited his passion for art and expressed his appreciation of the talent some people possess. He said though he doesn’t have much talent or ability to create works of art, he enjoys taking in artwork and hopes to eventually build up a small collection of original pieces.

After a bit of conversation and taking in some refreshments, Dorn called the group of enthusiasts and artists together to introduce this year’s judge, Mary Hunt.

Hunt is an artist who also works as the grant writer and finance manager for the Western Nebraska Arts Center in Scottsbluff, Neb.

After a brief introduction by Dorn, Hunt walked around the showroom and explained her critiques of each work of art.

Hunt broke down each piece of art and explained what she looks at when she judges or critiques the work. She said she looks for the pieces which “draw her in.” Hunt then explained the importance of the tonal range of the work, or the range of tones between the lightest and darkest areas of the piece of work.

The art show will remain open to the public throughout the remainder of the week in The Loft at 21st and Main.



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