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Andrew D. Brosig/Torrington Telegram Downtown Torrington is a virtual ghost town Wednesday afternoon, day one of the massive winter storm dubbed a “cyclone bomb” moving through the area. Overall, there were few emergencies connected to the storm and city and county road crews were poised to begin cleanup as soon as the snow abates, Emergency Management Coordinator Shelly Kircheffer said.

Day 1 of bomb cyclone storm calm

TORRINGTON – Thanks to the majority of Goshen County citizens minding the warning from government officials, the National Weather Service and WyDOT road closures, the first day of the 2019 bomb cyclone storm has been pretty quiet from an emergency management point of view, according the Goshen County Emergency Management Coordinator Shelly Kircheffer. 

“We’re doing pretty good,” she said on Wednesday. “It’s pretty quiet. I think everybody has taken heed on staying home. There’s no unnecessary travel. Closing down the roads actually has helped. As far as any of that goes, I haven’t heard of any power outages or any long-term issues.”

Kircheffer has been keeping the populace updated through a series of email updates throughout the day. She said the county can expect to see between 10-20 inches of snow and winds near 60-70 mph. A 59-mph gust was recorded before 9 am on Wednesday. The storm is expected to impact livestock. 

Kircheffer also advised citizens to avoid any travel that’s not medical related. Goshen County Road and Bridge is working to keep main traffic arteries passable, but those routes are only to be used by people who need to report to work or in an emergency. 

 “We’re only keeping the main routes open,” she said. “During the storm, he’s trying to keep the main county roads open and some of the main county arteries that are utilized, he’s working on those. They are out and about in the county, waiting to do their thing once the storm has ended.”

When the bomb cyclone finally blows its way out of town, Kircheffer said road and bridge has placed road graters throughout the county to try and clear roads. 

“Road and Bridge will handle that,” she said. “I know he has some strategically-placed graders around the county for when things slow down enough and they can get out working on the roads.” 

As of 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, US 26 and US 85 were both closed due to weather conditions. At that time, there were no open roads between Cheyenne and Newcastle. In addition, all roads surrounding Cheyenne and Casper were closed. US 26 to Scottsbluff was also closed. 

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