Safe Kids Day

Event offers mix of fun and safety information for youth

TORRINGTON – Junior identifications, bike helmets and safe riding techniques were just some of the fun and useful aspects of the annual Safe Kids Day observance Saturday at the Goshen County Fairgrounds in Torrington.

Kids and their parents flocked to the Fairgrounds to learn how to be safe riding a bicycle. Safe Kids Day is a worldwide event to bring awareness focus on kid’s safety.

Each year, more than 1 million children in the world die as a result of preventable injuries. In the United States, 8,000 families annually lose a child to a preventable injury, the leading cause of children’s death in the United States. Nearly 7.7 million children are taken to emergency rooms for treatment from preventable injuries each year. Many of these are serious injuries, which can have a life-long effect on the child, according to statistics from the website,

Banner Health was one of numerous sponsors for the Torrington event. Banner staff were on hand, giving away new bicycle helmets and talking safe bike-riding habits with the children.

Banner Health also provided a hot dog lunch and gave out prizes to the kids who participated in the event. 

Also on hand were troopers from the Wyoming Highway Patrol, giving tours a WHP vehicle, where children had the opportunity to run the lights and sirens. Troopers also talked with the older kids in the group about safe driving habits.

Youth aged 12 and older got a chance to experience the simulated effects of impaired and distracted driving first hand. Donning a pair of special goggles that alter a person’s vision, the youth were tasked with driving a golf cart through a predetermined course without hitting anything.

The experience was designed to mimic the effects of intoxication and texting while driving.

Members of the Goshen County Task Force and WHP handed out literature for parents on Internet safety, including how to be to be Web savvy and recommendations for keeping children safe on the World Wide Web.

Other information and tools that were available, children identification fingerprint and DNA kit from Goshen County Sheriff’s Department, the McGruff Safe Kids Total Identification System DNA collection kit.

Agencies also handed out emergency preparedness guides and discussed what to do in case of a disaster, including pre-planning where the family should meet and the items they should have ready. And Main Street Market was there with a stand which invited kids to shop for healthy snacks, including fruits and vegetables, to help them make healthy eating choices.

Other sponsors including Goshen County Public Health, Pinnacle Bank, Platt Valley Bank, Points West Community Bank and Valley Mercantile.


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