Round 2 – Fight!

TORRINGTON – Nichole Espinosa is still in the fight. 

She and her family thought the fight was won. Espinosa, a math teacher at the Wyoming Challenge Academy at Camp Guernsey, was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2017, but an aggressive treatment plan of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy helped her earn the win, and she was cancer free in September 2018. 

“Unfortunately, round one wasn’t enough,” according to a statement from Espinosa’s sister, Courtney Kautz, on a fundraiser dedicated to Nichole. “Recently we have learned that Nichole’s cancer has returned. This time it has appeared in multiple lesions located in various areas of her body, including her brain, eyes, liver, lungs, spine and lymph nodes.”

 Now, people of Torrington and Goshen County – you can help her come out swinging and defeat cancer for the second time in three years. Espinosa’s friends and family have organized a 5K run/walk to benefit Espinosa in her battle, dubbed the Nichole Espinosa 5K – Fight Like a Girl, Round 2. As of press time, 88 people have registered to take part in the race, which will be Saturday at 8 a.m. at the Torrington Sports Complex. 

According to Kautz, the 5K was the brainchild of Nichole’s boot camp fitness class at GitFit Fitness Club, and instructor Deanna Gerrard. 

“Nichole worked out with them, and that was something that they threw together for her,” Kautz said. “I know she loved going to boot camp. That is her little family.”

According to Kautz, Espinosa and her family are travelling to Fort Collins, Colo., for the treatment. She has just finished radiation treatment, and will now begin chemotherapy. 

“Cancer is one of those things where you think something is working, then it doesn’t work,” Kautz said. “They don’t really know. This is just kind of the beginning.”

The Gofundme online fundraiser has provided Espinosa and he family with over $7,000 to put towards treatment, travel and other necessities that come with the struggle. The donations exceeded the campaign’s $5,000 goal, but Espinosa is still battling. 

“Medical expenses alone are daunting, but having a place to stay, food, and normal expenses can be more strenuous on everyone,” the page said. “We are asking for many thoughts and prayers, as well as some financial assistance to give her relief in this tough time.”

For more information on the 5k, search for the Nichole Espinosa 5K – Fight Like a Girl - Round 2 on Facebook, or contact Deanna Gerrard at 575-2699.  Donations are also being accepted at Points West Community Bank. 


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