Reunion to be held for slow pitch softball team

TORRINGTON – After talking about it for several years, the old Coors Light slow pitch softball team will be getting back together for a reunion on Saturday, July 31 at the home of Tony Marlatt.

The team played a mix of slow pitch and fast pitch, but according to former player Dick Yates, the fast pitch team didn’t last long.

“At that point, it was slow pitch because fastpitch, there were only two or three teams that had any good pitchers,”   he said.

Even then, the team was pretty good, but when Randy Baugh bought the local Coors distributorship everything changed for the team.

“When Randy Baugh bought the Coors distributorship from Joyce Collins, from Fort Laramie, in the very early ‘80s, we decided to get really serious about softball,” Yates said.

At the time, Coors had a new product coming out called Coors Light, and Baugh wanted the team to follow that theme. So, he bought the team uniforms.

“From then on, we were pretty serious about it for 15, 20 years,” Yates said.

That’s when the team really made a name for itself.

The Coors Light team eventually placed at districts and state, reaching the regional slow pitch tournament in Colorado one season, featuring 32 teams from several surrounding states, including Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado.

The squad from Goshen County ended up seventh in the 32-team field.

Since then, the players from that team have gone their sperate ways, and Yates, along with Patty Schaneman and George Haas decided to get the gang back together.

“We’re going to pull one off on the last day of July. We are trying to get a hold of who played for Coors Light,” Yates said. “We don’t even care if the people played against us show up. We are going to have a picnic reunion at Tony Marlatt’s home – about one mile south of Silver Tip on Highway 85 about 4 p.m.”

Yates joked there will not be a softball game played.

“Last time we got together, there were too many injuries,” he said laughing.

For more information on the reunion call Yates at 532-1906 or Haas at 575-1756.



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