Quilt show back in Fort Laramie

FORT LARAMIE– The Goshen County Quilters hosted its 27th annual Quilts Along the Platte quilt show at the Fort Laramie Community Center from Friday to Sunday. Over 130 quilts were on display at the three-day event. The show featured two vendors from Nebraska and Deb Kipp, who appraises quilts. Jennifer Lanier, who organized the show, said the club had its own boutique for people to buy things members made. 

“All the money goes back into our membership,” Lanier said. “We do classes for kids in June… Classes for the public, classes for members, and we make all this and donate it.” 

The showroom featured various quilts of all sizes, styles and colors. The quilts were sectioned off by categories including machine or hand quilted, and even featured beginner and miniature sections. 

For most attendants, “patience” was the operative word when discussing some of the elaborate quilts. One of the quilts on display was a “temperature quilt” in which each panel was a home, and it represented the weather for an entire year. 

There was also a concept quilt from Planting Roots Preschool on display right next to the entrance of the showroom. Lanier said this is the second year the preschool has participated in the show. 

Elsewhere in the community center was the display area for the “comfort quilts.” Barbra Dyer, the comfort quilts chairperson for the Goshen County Quilters, said the quilts were made with the specific purpose to be donated to someone who needs a blanket. The red, white and blue quilts with patriotic designs were crafted for veterans, while smaller quilts with more playful designs will be sent to local hospitals for newborn babies.   

While there were plenty of activities and vendors relating to the world of quilts, a large part of the event was getting the community involved. Attendants were encouraged to visit local businesses in Fort Laramie as a receipt of purchase counted as a ticket for an opportunity basket. Lanier said there were four opportunity baskets from local stores and guests had to go to the stores to put in an entry. The baskets came from Table Mountain Vineyards in Torrington, Sew Addicting in Torrington, Platte Valley Vac and Sew in Scottsbluff Neb., and Farm Girls Boutique in Torrington. 

“We are hoping to drive business to the local businesses as well,” Lanier said. 

Members also made flags with quilt designs along the road leading up to the community center for the event. Lanier said the town helped out with setting up the flags. 

Along with encouraging visitors to go to local businesses and restaurants, the event was also catered by the Gathering Place which is run bun April Simmons. The Gathering Place has catered the event in the past and has been quite popular. 

“The quilters requested her to come back,” Lanier said.

 According to Lanier, the event was meant to bring more people into the community. 

“We try to involve the community as much as possible,” Lanier said.  

Bringing people together served as the main focus of the show throughout the weekend. 

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