Public Notice No. 8756


Monday September 25, 2023

The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in special session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners Chambers with the following members present Commissioner Michael McNamee, Commissioner Aaron Walsh and Mary Feagler, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. The meeting was specifically called to vote on resolution 2023-6 A RESOLUTION APPROVING 307 HORSE RACING, INC. TO CONDUCT PARI-MUTUAL WAGERING ON LIVE HORSE RACING, HISTORIC HORSRE RACING, AND SIMULCAST EVENTS at 6431 Road 49, Goshen County Wy.  Commissioner McNamee opened with remarks regarding the resolution. Commissioner McNamee entertained a motion to pass the Resolution, Commissioner Bukart moved to approve the Resolution, seconded and passed.
The Commission adjourned at  9:14 ,am. The next regular meeting will be October 3rd at the usual place and time. Per Wyo. Stat. §18-3-516(f), access to the county information can be obtained at or by calling the Clerk’s office (307)532-4051(approved for publication)

Attest: _______________________________                        
    Mary B. Feagler
    Goshen County Clerk
    Michael McNamee Chairman
    Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 8756 published in the Torrington Telegram on October 4, 2023.