Public Notice No. 8392


Tuesday Nov 1, 2022
    The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners Chambers with the following members present Chairman John Ellis, Vice Chairman Cody Cox, Commissioner Justin Burkart and Cindy Kenyon, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting and the agenda, seconded and passed.
     The Road and Bridge report was accepted from Road Superintendent Dane Bolzer, County Surveyor Bob Taylor, Road Administrator Val Hankins and County Planner Mike Tietjen Commissioner. Two residents, Anita Bethers and Jim Licking spoke regarding the condition of roads in their area. Commissioner Burkart moved to accept the Road and Bridge report, seconded and passed.
    County Clerk of Court Brandi Correa presented her monthly earnings report in the amount of $3892.91. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the Clerk of District Court report, seconded and passed.
    County Clerk Cindy Kenyon presented her monthly report. The monthly earnings report for the County Clerk’s Office is $14277.00. Commissioner Burkart moved to approve the earnings report, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to approve one employee bond, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the warrants for payment, seconded and passed. Commissioner Burkart moved to accept the Clerks report, seconded and passed.
    Fire Warden Bill Law presented his monthly report. The Emergency Manager report was presented via email by Interim Emergency Manager Chuck Kenyon. Commissioner Burkart moved to accept the Fire Warden’s report, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the Emergency Manager report via email, seconded and passed.
    Jack Greer and Kyle Ridgeway with 307 Horse Racing, Inc. presented a Resolution Approving 307 Horse Racing, Inc. To Conduct Pari-Mutuel Wagering on Live Horse Racing, Historic Horse Racing, and Simulcast Events Within Goshen County, Wyoming. The proposed address is 1701 Main Street, Torrington, Wy.
    Following are the warrants approved for payment: Payroll 219,932.63;County Clerk Health Ins Acct payroll liability 90,227.26;D Bolzer payroll liability 50.09;County Clerk FTD payroll liability 63,621.88;Circuit Court Go Co garnish 646.73; Circuit Court Laramie Co garnish 610.73;Wy Child Support Enforcement  garnish 412.78;Aflac ins 192.93;Colonial Life ins 37;Great West Trust  ins 1,980.00;Wy NCPERS Life ins 32;911 Supply uniforms 111.02;AccuScreen Mobile Drug Testing training 85;Action Communications repair 408;Airgas  supplies 33.81;Benchmark extraoridnary exp 1,521.50;Benchmark road fund 11,243.50;Benchmark mapping 1,028.25;Black HIlls Energy utilities 673.51; Bloedorn Lumber  repair 262.24;Bluffs Facility Solutions janitorial 967.68;Bomgaars repair 659.34;Bonnie Petsch grant exp 70;Canon equip  390.38;Capital Business copier 256.01;Capital One FSB travel 2,643.41;Caring and Sharing grant exp 4,660.00;CashWa Dist dietary 9,277.19;CDW Gvmt maint 12,668.65;Century Lumber repair 190.3;CenturyLink  phone 1,456.03;Charles Sylvester road fund 526.5;Cheyenne Radiology  medical 44.88;C Kenyon travel 177.5;Cindy Wright grant exp 83.75;Community Hospital medical 765;Control Solutions grant exp 211;Cool Customs repair 195;Copier Connection equip 217.2;County Clerks Assn dues 700;Dell repair 568.08;Diane Nighswonger contract labor 231;Dream Design Develop contract labor 575;E Boyer supplies 132;ES&S election 3,292.38; Fastenal supplies 411.3;Frank Parts Co supplies 776.45;Galls uniforms 56.71;Go Co Clerk grant exp 4,006.26;Go Co Sheriff postage 200;Go Co Treasurer postage 492.26;Go Co Treasurer rent 744.74;Goshen Diesel  repair 597;Goshen Financial Strategies ins consult 2,000.00;Goshen Help  grant exp 10,435.33;Great American Leasing equip 315;Griggs Family Dental  medicl 553;Harold Anderson grant exp 140;Herbert Doby Pub Def Gal 3,333.34;High Plains Fire Protection equip 198.95;IAAO dues 240;Ideal Linen supplies 684.59;Inland Truck repair 192.22;James Church retainer 100;Janellle Werner grant exp 470.54;Jeane Stratton grant exp 70;Jims Plumbing repair 160;Kelly Beard grant exp 255.76;K Flock travel 71.25;Kgos grant exp 350;La Grange Fire Dept fire fund 6,939.04;L Clark supplies 8.53;Long Building Tech repair 152.32;Lujan Cleaning Svce maint 2,165.00;Lynette Saucedo grant exp 967.58;Manon Strong grant exp 9.38;Martin Marietta Materials road fund 323.61;Max Masters mapping 3,800.00;Melissa Johnson grant exp 17.5;Merck supplies 2,485.40;Merrijane Morgheim grant exp 70;Metal Shop supplies 77.5;Michael Todd & Company Inc  supplies 430.53;Next Level Restoration repair 300;Niobrara County Sheriff  placement svcs 1,705.00;NMC supplies 136.93;Norma Cantu medical 1,087.50; North Platte Valley Cons Dist haz waste 1,500.00;Office Ally supplies 35;Panhandle Coop extraoridnary exp 788.08;Patti Sue Peterson grant exp 140; Pitney Bowes supplies 78.9;Platte Valley Bank lease 23,298.93;Platte Valley Printwear grant exp 57.89;Pomp's Tire Service repair 1,010.40;Public Defenders Office rent 300;Quadient Leasing equip 871.66;Quality Automotive  repair 1,232.63;Regional West Medical Center medical 334.18;Regional West Physicians Clinic medical 875;River View Sand & gravel road fund 1,130.80;Robin Boyd grant exp 124.74;Russell Business Services GASB consult 75;R Wunibald grant exp 320.25;S Coxbill travel 156.24;Sanofi Pasteur medical 784.37;Simply Clean maint 238.2;Smart Start Preschool grant exp 1, 509.74;Smith Psychological medical 1,200.00;St Josephs grant exp 2,995.00;Stericycle Inc medical 58.8;TDS utilities 235;TDS extraoridnary exp 8,865.27;The Practice After School Program grant exp 735.9;Torr Fire Dept fire fund 2,282.15;Torr Office Supply supplies 1,062.50;Torr Telegram  publishing 2,722.50;Torrington High School Source of Strength grant exp 307.92;City of Torrington utilities 7,053.35; City of Torrington grant exp 150;Union Telephone Co Inc 149.63;UW-Admin Business Office-Coop Extention  5,476.50;Valley Mercantile Co repair  533.6;Valley Motor repair 120.22;Vandel Drug medical 468.93;Verizon  phone 1,451.12;Veteran Fire Dist fire fund 4,180.55;Visa misc 58.81;Visa  misc 873.19;Visa misc 1,513.94;Vistabeam internet 93.95;Walshs Water Treatment maint 618.28;West Hwy Water utilities 88;Westco repair 398.16;Westco fuel 30,725.09;Wy Dept of Health st paymt 25,441.39;WY DOT  rd fund 2.27;Wy Machinery repair 2,034.74;Wy Public Health Lab medical 28;Wy State Auditors Office payroll liability 1,194.83;Wyoming Behavioral Institute  medical 3,770.00;X Lazy H rent 425;Xerox equip 151.54;Xesi  equip 836.07;Yoder Fire Dist fire fund 369,113.96;Alyssa Coulsen ct appt atty 230;Colby K Sturgeon ct appt atty 230;Culligan Water supplies 24.55;Ken Brown ct appt atty 250;Torr Office Supply supplies 56.5;Wy Dept of Employment payroll liability 3,903.88;Wy Retirement System payroll liability 49,585.78;Capital One misc 198.48;Culligan Water supplies 228.41;Olson Tire repair 821.42;Pitney Bowes Reserve Acct B02 postage 1,000.00; Total Warrants 1,050,406.85
    The Commission adjourned at 10:47 am. The next regular meeting will be Nov 15, 2022 at the usual place and time.

Attest: _______________________________        ___________________________________
    Cynthia Kenyon                    John Ellis, Chairman
    Goshen County Clerk                Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 8392 published in the Torrington Telegram on November 23, 2022.