Public Notice No. 8377



Notice is hereby given that Jack Melvin Ochsner died on May 29, 2022 in Torrington, Goshen County, Wyoming. On the date of his death, Jack Melvin Ochsner was the surviving Grantor of the Jack M. Ochsner Living Trust created on July 14, 1999, and amended on December 5, 2017 (the “Trust”). Jacob Ochsner has accepted the role as a Successor Trustee of the Trust. Notice is further given that upon the expiration of one hundred twenty (120) days after the first date of publication of this notice, the herein-named Successor Trustee intends to have the property of the Trust distributed as permitted under the terms of the Trust, as amended. Notice is further given that creditors having claims against the decedent or the Trust, or persons interested in the Trust, are required to file a claim in writing with the herein-named Successor Trustee, in care of Sherard, Sherard, Artery & Johnson, P.O. Box 69, Wheatland, Wyoming 82201, or shall commence a judicial proceeding to contest the validity of the Trust, or any amendment thereto, or the distribution by the herein-named Successor Trustee on or before one hundred twenty (120) days from the date of first publication of this notice.  If such claims are not filed, or if such judicial proceeding is not commenced, within 120 days of the first publication of this notice, such creditors or interested persons will be forever prohibited from making any claim against the assets of the Trust, or commencing any judicial proceeding against the Grantor, the Successor Trustee, or the assets of the Trust pursuant to W.S. § 4-10-507 and W.S. § 4-10-604. DATED this 31st day of October, 2022.
                        SHERARD, SHERARD, ARTERY & JOHNSON
                        P.O. Box 69
                        Wheatland, WY 82201

Public Notice No. 8377 published in the Torrington Telegram on November 4, and 11, 2022.