Public Notice No. 8372


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County of Goshen     )
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The Torrington City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 in the City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Ave. at 7:00 p.m. Present: Mayor Adams, Council Members Kelly, Kinney, Patterson and Steinbock. Also Present: Clerk/Treasurer Strecker, Attorney Eddington, Director of Public Works Harkins, Chief of Police Johnson, Buildings & Grounds Superintendent Estes and Deputy City Clerk Anaya.
    Mayor Adams called the meeting to order.
    Councilwoman Steinbock led the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Logan Dailey with the Torrington Telegram introduced their newest reporter, Cynthia “Cindy” Sheeley, to the Mayor and Council.
    Mayor Adams led the session with informational announcements on the following items: 1. Weather updates; 2. COVID-19 updates and recommendations; 3. COVID-19 vaccine clinic update; 4. Reminder to the public to be cautious and mindful of the presence of children on the streets as schools are back in session. Request to the public to refrain from using their cell phones while driving; 5. Rotary Club/City of Torrington additional crosswalk and signage project update; 6. Request for community assistance with final property clean-up efforts before the weather turns; 7. Request to the public to please refrain from putting garbage in the grass bins; 8. Reminder to the public that the Elk Eco Cycle Recycling Center is open and is accepting cardboard, separated paper products and aluminum cans. The site is located at 310 Curtis Avenue and is open Monday through Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; 9. Announcement that the Homesteader’s Museum will be hosting a Night at the Boo-Seum on 10-28-22 and 10-29-22; 10. Announcement that the Goshen County Visitor Center is in the process of relocating to the Homesteader’s Museum; 11. City project/ARPA funding update; 12. General Election (11-08-22) reminder; 13. Mayor and City Council candidate update; 14. Goshen County School Board and Eastern Wyoming College Board of Trustees vacancy update; and 15. Storm water utility/November 2022 ballot update.
Councilman Kelly moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes from the 10-04-22 Council meeting as published and all actions therein be ratified. Motion carried unanimously.
    Mayor Adams requested approval to amend the agenda as follows:
    • Add Caroline Garcia Catering Permit Request to the Action Items List.
Councilwoman Steinbock moved and Councilman Patterson seconded to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried unanimously.
Julie Miller-Harshberger with the 307 Sports Bar & Grill requested approval of a catering permit for a City of Torrington Christmas Party to be held on 12-02-22 from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. at 436 East 22nd Avenue in the Lincoln Community Complex Pony Express Room. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Steinbock seconded to approve the catering permit as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read a proclamation declaring November 2022 as Epilepsy Awareness Month. It urges all citizens of the City of Torrington, Wyoming, government agencies, public and private institutions, businesses and schools to recommit the community to increasing awareness and understanding of epilepsy through education while ensuring that all individuals with epilepsy lead a full and productive life, and calls upon all citizens to wear purple on 11-16-22 in support of all people who fight epilepsy every day. Councilman Patterson moved and Councilman Kelly seconded to approve the proclamation as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read a proclamation declaring 11-01-22 as Extra Mile Day. It urges all individuals in the community to take time on 11-01-22 to not only “go the extra mile” in his or her own life, but to also acknowledge all those who are inspirational in their efforts and commitment to make their organizations, families, community, country or world a better place. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Steinbock seconded to approve the proclamation as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read a proclamation declaring October 23-29, 2022 as Childhood Cancer Awareness Week. It stated that the American Cancer Fund for Children and Kids Cancer Connection, Inc.  report that cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among U.S. children between infancy and age 15, and indicated that the tragic disease is detected in more than 15,000 of the country’s young people each and every year. It also stated that the American Cancer Fund for children and Kids Cancer Connection, Inc. sponsor Courageous Kid Recognition Award ceremonies and hospital celebrations in honor of a child’s determination and bravery to fight the battle against childhood cancer. Councilwoman Steinbock moved and Councilman Patterson seconded to approve the proclamation as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Caroline Garcia with La Familia Prado requested approval of a catering permit for a Quinceañera to be held on 10-22-22 from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. at 605 East 22nd Avenue. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Kelly seconded to approve the catering permit as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Buildings & Grounds Superintendent Estes presented for approval a request to transfer the building located at 3695 Bighorn Street from the Water Department to the Parks Department. He stated that the building, formerly used to house Well 13, has been listed for sale by the City of Torrington for quite some time and has not sold. Buildings & Grounds Superintendent Estes indicated that a market evaluation of the property was completed prior to the property being listed for sale and commented that the evaluation revealed a fair market value of $50,000.00. He stated that the Parks Department has a lot of equipment that sits outside of the Sports Complex that could be stored inside of that building to get protection from harsh weather conditions and prevent operational damages. Buildings & Grounds Superintendent Estes requested that the building be transferred from the Water Department to the Parks Department for that specific use. Clerk/Treasurer Strecker indicated that if the transfer is approved, she will prepare a budget amendment for the 11-01-22 Council meeting. Councilman Patterson moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the transfer of the building located at 3695 Bighorn Street from the Water Department to the Parks Department for a market value of $50,000.00 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
The bills from 10-05-22 to 10-18-22 were presented for payment. Councilman Kelly moved and Councilman Patterson seconded to approve the bills for payment as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Adams asked for public comments, questions or concerns.
Fire Chief Petsch updated the Mayor and Council on the events that transpired during Fire Prevention Week at Lincoln Elementary School. He also briefly updated the Mayor and Council on extrication training that the membership completed.
Councilman Kinney suggested moving the approval of the bills for payment from action items to the consent portion of the agenda. Mayor Adams responded that the bills were previously included in the consent agenda but were moved to action items for transparency purposes. He stated that the suggestion, however, can be discussed and taken into further consideration.
Councilman Kelly moved and Councilwoman Steinbock seconded to adjourn to executive session to discuss personnel. Motion carried unanimously.
Councilman Patterson moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to return the Mayor and Council to regular session. Motion carried unanimously.
    Councilwoman Steinbock moved and Councilman Patterson seconded to approve the hiring of the candidate to fill the position of Deputy Treasurer as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
    Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Steinbock seconded that there being no further business to come before the Mayor and Council to adjourn at 8:16 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
    The following bills were approved for payment: 74609 DOMINO'S PIZZA birthday gift cards 150.00;74610 CIRCUIT COURT OF GOSHEN CO payroll withholding 289.18;74611 CITY OF TORRINGTON payroll withholding 724.37;74612 DENT, DAVID A. Golf Pro Payable 1586.71;74613 GOSHEN CO DISTRICT COURT CLERK payroll withholding 100.00;74614 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC payroll withholding 1293.00;74615 MUNICIPAL ENERGY AGENCY OF NE wholesale power 419017.56;74616 NEW YORK LIFE payroll withholding 359.37;74617 R & MM INVESTMENTS deposit refund 126.68;74618 JENSEN, RICHARD deposit refund 46.15;74619 MCMAHON, JESSICA reimb-trauma conference payment 100.00;74620 SMALLMAN, JOSHUA deposit refund 2.09;74621 SCHANEMAN III, MARTIN deposit refund 336.08;74622 BANDUR, ROBERT L. deposit refund 52.15;74623 WILHOIT, ETHAN L. deposit refund 159.72;74624 HEINZ, BRYAN & DONNA credit refund 220.64;74625 AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES batteries,ballasts,belt clips,steering wheel spinner knobs,glow sticks,bracelets/necklaces,oil dip stick gauge,air fresheners,paper bags 328.21;74626 BARNES LAW LLC affidavit on attorney fees 437.50;74627 BROWN CO blower,spark plugs,pickup rod,filter,auxiliary,deflector,blower service,carburetor 498.41; 74628 CASELLE INC. contract support & maint 2050.00;74629 CENTURY LUMBER CENTER bits,couplings, clamps,magnetic nutsetter,wasp spray,safety snap,shower spray,steel wool,rubber hose,sweeper nozzle,hose mender,adapter,metal wheel,angle grinder,nipples,wire stripper,wire connectors,grit flaps, sona tubes,screws,joist hanger,fasteners,sprinkler,cut-off riser,concrete,ammonia,roller cover,tray liner, roller frame,tool hanger,antifreeze,rat/mouse traps,return,quick links,survey stakes,blue chalk,cedar split rail line post,inkzall marker,mini bulbs 591.59;74630 CITY OF TORRINGTON c/o FIRST STATE BANK optional sales tax 116194.73;74631 CIVICPLUS INC. full-service supplementation subscription 3715.00; 74632 CO GOLF & TURF INC. mower 22899.00;74633 CONNECTING POINT copier all-inclusive service contracts/monthly charges,extra copies 515.19;74634 COMPUTERSHARE TRUST CO trustee fee 3500.00; 74635 CONTRACTORS MATERIALS INC. inverted paint,lens clean towelettes 111.90;74636 DANA KEPNER CO INC. mcdonald plugs w/ lids 403.70;74637 DETECTION INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION calibration-includes inspection,filter,batteries 131.07;74638 DISPLAY SALES CO credit,led rope lights,end caps,slice connectors 149.00;74639 DIVERSIFIED SERVICES INC. cleaning services 560.00;74640 DOOLEY OIL INC. oil 85.13;74641 EDM INTERNATIONAL INC. Cold Springs 15kV UG Feeders Design/Build Project 790.00; 74642 ELECTRO-TEST & MAINTENANCE INC. industrial park repair/test 15330.76;74643 ENERGY LABORATORIES INC. lab testing 1759.00;74644 FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATION shipping-external hard drive 21.79;74645 FRITZLER, LARRY & DEBORAH pump septic tanks 178.00;74646 GOSHEN CO ECONOMIC ¼ cent sales tax 29049.14;74647 GOSHEN CO ECONOMIC monthly contribution 2500.00; 74648 GREATAMERICA FINANCIAL SERVICES CORP copier leases 356.00;74649 USABLUEBOOK service box extensions 191.55;74650 IDEAL LINEN/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTION mats,scrapers,sam dust/energy fees,sam garment fees,sam linen,coveralls,mops,towels 723.31;74651 INBERG-MILLER ENGINEERS New Cell Design and Permit Renewal Project 2764.84;74652 INDUSTRIAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT LLC GfG fixed system replacement sensor 315.00;74653 INDUSTRIAL SAFETY LLC disposable gloves 911.52;74654 JAMES A. EDDINGTON PC City Attorney extended hours 1124.99;74655 JAMES A. EDDINGTON PC City Attorney 9187.50;74656 KAUFMAN GLASS LLC chip repairs 50.00;74657 K & K COMMUNICATIONS paging service-elec meters 12.00;74658 FRANK PARTS CO led bulb,battery accessories,belts,filters, antifreeze,heater hose,hose clamp,batteries,spring,stick hose gold,control arm assy,spark plugs,redi sensors,ignit wire,oil,spark plug rethread,wheel bearing/hub,primary wire 2676.29;74659 LUJAN CLEANING SERVICE LLC cleaning,window cleaning 273.75;74660 MCKEE, KAREN R. & MARTIN B. seat repairs 160.00;74661 M.C. SCHAFF & ASSOCIATES INC. Airport Project-Final 705.63;74662 MEDICAL AIR SERVICES ASSOCIATION medical air transport insurance 1615.00;74663 METAL SHOP AND REPAIR LLC welding wire,rectangular tube,channel iron 651.00;74664 MOOREHOUSE INC. couplers,glue,cleaner-sprinklers 90.00;74665 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC. dispatch 911 service contract 4579.81;74666 O'REILLY AUTO ENTERPRISES LLC filters,wiper blades,gas magnum,brake fluid,v-belt,tpms sensor, capsule,battery,engraver,primary wire,fuse holder,ring terminals 1064.79;74667 OLSON TIRE CO tire repairs,patches,all season tire 222.30;74668 ONE CALL OF WY tickets for CDC code TRG 102.00;74669 PANHANDLE COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION tubes 140.00;74670 ENVIRO SERVICES INC. lab analysis 148.00;74671 PATRICK, JOHN B. Municipal Court Judge 2000.00;74672 PETERBILT OF WY freight 80.00; 74673 PINNACLE BANK training,travel expenses-meals/fuel/lodging,fire prevention,refunds,safety polo shirts,subscription,work boots,cell phone case,cable/phone charger 4126.88;74674 PORT-A-POTS BY TDS INC. stationary units 323.71;74675 RICHEY, MICHAEL Airport Operator Contract 1666.66;74676 RIVER VIEW SAND & GRAVEL LLC salt/sand 2107.62;74677 INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTORS nuts,washers, bolts 37.02;74678 SAM'S CLUB/SYCHRONY BANK odor eliminator/disinfectant 30.98;74679 TEAM CHEVROLET control 250.38;74680 SNOW CREST CHEMICALS LLC cooling water treatments,aqucar treatments microbs,hot water closed loop contract 2913.25;74681 QUILL LLC kleenex,clipboard,paper towels,cellulose sponge 82.35;74682 STARR TOOLS chain/chain wrench 135.00;74683 STRAIGHT STRIPE PAINTING INC. Airport Project-Final 5466.12;74684 SUEZ WTS USA INC. monthly chemical management 7769.04;74685 TEAM LABORATORY CHEMICAL LLC base one drum,jet wet/water wetter pail 201.50; 74686 TIMBERLINE ELECTRIC & CONTROL CORP SCADA system upgrades-phase II 22373.43;74687 TORRINGTON FIRE DEPT firefighters pension 3600.00;74688 TORRINGTON ROTARY CLUB dues, international & district/local,youth program,paul harris fund 100.00;74689 TRAFFIC SIGNAL CONTROLS INC. led street light 221.52;74690 U S POSTMASTER credit for postage 1150.00;74691 UNITED INDUSTRIES INC. plug adapters 237.79;74692 VERIZON WIRELESS TVFD cell phones 96.85;74693 WAM-WCCA museum improvements installment 650.00;74694 WAGNERS FLORAL LLC memorial wreath 75.00; 74695 WEGLIN, EDWARD H. mow/trim 180.00;74696 WESTCO no drip strainer,end cap assy,spray tips, premium diesel,unleaded gas 24415.86;74697 WY BANK & TRUST lease purchase payments 26495.88; 74698 OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES ambulance business license 20.00;74699 WY MACHINERY 938M Wheel Loader 228960.00;74700 TORRINGTON TELEGRAM legals 2280.60;74701 WYRULEC CO Landfill Electric 142.91;74702 ZELL HEATING & COOLING LLC contract-BTU heaters 13400.00

Public Notice No. 8372 published in the Torrington Telegram on October 28, 2022.