Prom Royalty 2022

Members of the Torrington Prom Royalty for 2022 were: Junior Attendants Bryant DeMott (left to right) and Kayla Dreiling, Senior Attendants Avery West and Kieser Wolfe, Prom King Jayce Rapp and Prom Queen Ruby Ringrose.

Members of the Southeast Prom Royalty for 2022 were: Junior Attendants Wyatt Campbell (left to right) and Shelby Ekwall, Senior Attendants Austene Mickewitz and Grant Logsdon, King Jakob Llewellyn and Queen Bree Coxbill.

Lingle-Fort Laramie High School Prom Royalty includes junior attendants Cory Ducheneaux (from left to right) and Madison Saul, senior attendants Noah Hatch and Madison Heilbrun, King Dylan Offutt and Queen Tauna Wilkins.

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