Our Community

I would like to begin by saying I know that everyone can find negative things to say about anything and that I know every place has its downsides. With that said, in my opinion, we are lucky to have a community like ours. I feel like our sense of community here in Torrington and even Goshen County as a whole is very strong. Not every place has people who are as quick to come together and support each other as we do. 

Whether it be for local students, families in need or really for any other reason, our community is quick to come together and provide support. Plenty of members of our community show their support at our school sports teams and other events, fundraisers and local businesses. On many different occasions, I’ve seen everyone come together to provide aid to local families who are facing extremely difficult circumstances.

We have several great individuals in our community, community leaders and local businesses that always make it a priority to help provide funding for important events, projects and groups. There are many different places around town where these people are listed and thanked for their support, like the library and 4-H. These people also volunteer to be coaches, helping hands or take on other roles.

In addition, we also have many great opportunities and resources available, like the college and Goshen County 4-H grounds and offices. The leaders of those organizations are also community-minded individuals and drive the organization towards goals that benefit the community as a whole.

On average, our community is filled with caring individuals who stand up and together for what they believe in. Everyone benefits from this, from our children to our local businesses. As a result, our community is vibrant and positive more often than not. We know we can count on  each other and enjoy doing things together.

We are really lucky; our community could look and feel vastly different. This is a great place to live.