Night at the Boo-seum

TORRINGTON – The Night at the Boo-seum is coming to the Homesteaders Museum. Dress up in a costume and come to the museum for a haunted house, along with other games, treats and tricks. This event will be held from 6-8 p.m. on Oct. 28 and 29. Admission is free.

The Night at the Boo-seum will be set up by Sarah Chaires, the museum’s director, and other members of her foundation. Members of the Drama Club from Torrington High School will also be lending a helping hand during the event.

Everyone is welcome to the event. The haunted house should be appropriate for most ages. There will be a lot of spiderwebs, skeletons and other traditional Halloween themes displayed in the building. Parents are advised to decide for themselves if they believe their child is too young or sensitive to walk through the haunted house. 

Chaires said, “I have a five and six-year-old who thinks it’s amazing. I would say if you have kids who are very sensitive, then it might be a little scary. We are doing three things with the haunted house, a spider web obstacle course, games outside, and then we are going to have some mystery boxes.” 

The other events will be appropriate for all ages. There will be plenty of things to do for those who choose to not walk through the haunted house. 

The haunted house will take place in the two-story white house on the property, called the Yoder Memorial Home Building.  The rest of the events will take place in the main building and outside.  If the weather is not favorable, the outside activities will be moved inside.  

The Homesteaders Museum is located at 495 Main Street in Torrington. The museum is housed in a historic Union Pacific Depot.  

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