Newest member of the team

Austin Short

Hello everyone, many of you probably know me from reading the sports column in the Telegram, or may even know me personally, however if you don’t let me introduce myself. 

My name is Austin Short, after living my whole life in Wyoming I have finally reached my senior year at Southeast High School in Yoder. Because I am a senior, I was given an opportunity to take a college internship position at the Torrington Telegram. 

I started my education in Sheridan and moved to Goshen County when I was about seven and attended elementary school in Torrington until third grade. I then moved out to Southeast. And have been there ever since, and now in my last semester among planning for college and taking difficult courses, I decided to add some pizazz to my resume. 

Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed sports and tried to take in as much of them as I could, going to Denver Broncos football games, Colorado Rockies games yet I still came out a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. That sparked the dream to make a career out of sports, however becoming a professional athlete isn’t easy. So, I decided to combine some of my favorite hobbies in sports and journalism and apply to the Telegram for the internship position. 

Growing up in Wyoming is something not a whole lot of people can say they did. However, growing up in a small community like Torrington has made me want a taste of the bigger cities and more than just farmland. I’m really hoping to make the most out of this position and use it to experience what my future profession may be like and to find out what journalism is all about. I want to use this opportunity to learn from the wonderful staff here and to learn the ropes of the newspaper business and learn how to bring my amazing community and great friends’ information on any topic. 

I look forward to meeting everyone and bringing news and exciting information to the community. 

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