New THS principal, ‘everyone loves to be involved’

Dr. Cynthia Porter, who will be taking on the role of principal at Torrington High School this fall, listens openly to future ideas and topics at Thursday evening’s community meeting. Rhett Breedlove/Torrington Telegram

TORRINTON – The incoming Torrington High School (THS) Principal, Dr. Cynthia Porter welcomed THS faculty, staff, and parents Thursday evening at the Torrington Chamber of Commerce for an open dialogue of constructive conversation. Discussions of important topics, both past and present, future concerns and ideas were discussed.

Another important aspect of the meeting was just to get a positive feel of entering a new phase of education. 

Dr. Porter listened attentively to her future faculty and parents with a welcoming optimism.

“Tonight I am here to listen,” Dr. Porter said. “One goal we should always have, is everyone should graduate. If we have eighty kids in a class, then those 80 kids should be graduating.”

Dr. Porter noted with that goal, the quality of standards should also be a top priority with THS education moving forward.

“We love teaching, everyone loves to be involved,” Dr. Porter continued. “We can do this. We are not going to be giving away diplomas of course. Obviously there’s attendance and learning requirements. We are going to worry about the quality of that diploma.”

Maintaining a strong healthy relationship with the community was a priority that was discussed in depth. Ideas such as involving community residents/parents in events, or attend more activities was heavily discussed. This, as well as persistence in attracting more students in becoming further involved with these activities, would only continue to strengthen community relations with the school.

It was noted by several THS staff along with Dr. Porter, that if the school can continue to build on positive, active participation in activities and athletics, with strong community support, this would certainly be a asset in THS’s reputation statewide.

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