Michael E. Warren

BOISE, Idaho – Michael E. Warren passed away December 30 in Boise, Idaho. Most often referred to as “Mike”, “Mikey”, “Grandpa Mikey”, or “Fuzz”, he died peacefully at the age of 76 while holding Joyce’s hand (his wife of 55 years and lifelong best friend). He had a brilliant mind, an unmatched work ethic, a kind heart, and a gentle smile. He was also a cowboy-tough SOB that lived life on his own terms. He embodied a rare combination of traits rooted in his Wyoming upbringing and his path through life; he was a bad-ass. 

He grew up outside of Torrington, on a dairy farm where he balanced the demands of farming with his studies and athletics. A gifted student and athlete, he played football at Colorado State University for two years before transferring to the University of Wyoming where he completed his undergraduate and law degrees. He eventually returned to Torrington where he practiced law, built several small businesses, and served as a community leader, friend, mentor and coach for over 30 years before retiring to Florida.

He was an amazing dad. Ever-present in the lives of his three kids (Beau, Garth and Brittany), he was always there to offer guidance, support, and encouragement. He made them feel safe and loved for which they will be forever grateful. Most importantly, he set the example for what it meant to be a good Dad. A standard that his kids all draw from every day while raising his 14 grandchildren. 

Mikey hated funerals so there won’t be a formal memorial service for him. Instead, his family intends to celebrate his life with a party more suited to his tastes at some point down the road. It’s highly encouraged that others who knew him do the same.

Farewell, Mikey. You leave behind a family and a big group of folks that love you very much. We’ll miss your stories. We’ll miss your jokes. We’ll miss your smile. We’ll miss you. 


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