Look Back, May 1, 2020

100 Years Ago
April 29, 1920

Saturday Will Be Clean-Up-Day
Mayor Ashenhurst has announced next Saturday, May 1, as Clean-Up-Day for Torrington. Property owners are expected to clean up their lots and alleys and put their entire premises in a neat and tidy condition.
In order to stimulate a general clean-up of all vacant lots, alleys and out of the way places, the Mayor as raised a fund by popular subscription with which to present each boy with a sack of candy who brings in a burlap sack of cans or other useless rubbish. This rubbish is to be brought to the old laundry lot, across from the Nolan garage where sacks will be inspected and an order given for the candy.

Title Men to Meet Here
At a meeting held in Casper on Monday of this week and which was attended by H.W. Yoder and H.D. Laselle of Torrington, the Wyoming association of Title Men was formed. This being the only an organization meeting, the first annual meeting of the new association will be held in Torrington on July 19 of the year.
This is a state origination whose object is the general promotion of the acquaintance and interest of the abstractors and title men of this state, giving opportunity for an exchange of ideas beneficial to the profession. At the organization meeting Monday there were fourteen title men present, representing the majority of the twenty five firms of the state. Seven of the firms not present sent messages, announcing their intention to enter the association.

75 Years Ago
April 26, 1945

Torrington Man Given War Medals
Lieut. Floyd (Sud) Johnston of this city, who is spending a 30-day leave here with his wife and small daughter and other relatives, is a proud possessor of two war medals – the Order of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star
Lieut. Johnston has been in England, Normandy, Germany, and Belgium. He received a severe knee injury on D-Day when his plan was shot down over Normandy. He and three other men were the lone survivors of the crew.

City Officials Issue Proclamation This Week
Believing that news of victory in Europe should be commemorated by prayer and meditation rather than by any form of celebration involving jubilation and gaiety, city officials here this week issues a proclamation to this effect, at the same time asking that all business houses remain open to the public.
The proclamation also asks that business and professional men allow all employees an opportunity if they so desire to attend the union thanksgiving services planned by local churches.

50 Years Ago
April 27, 1970

City To
Participate In EWC Museum Building
The Torrington City Council approved the participation to the extent of $95,000 matching funds for the proposed construction of a Library-Museum and seminar meeting hall building on the grounds of the Eastern Wyoming College campus. The approval was given at a special meeting held earlier this month.
Representatives of the college met with the council to discuss the proposed participation.

Area Persons Receive Foster Parent Awards
Several area persons are among the 110 couples and individuals to receive certificates recognizing outstanding community service as part of the annual foster parent award program of the State Division of Public Assistance and Social Services.
From Torrington, Mrs. Wilma Bigner, nine years; Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Padilla, seven years; Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Rosales, five years; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Edmunds, two years; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zamora, one year. From Huntley, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fox, six years. From Hawk Springs, Mrs. Helen Gregory, three years. From LaGrange, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gregory, four years. From Lingle, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bigham, one year.

25 Years Ago
April 28, 1995

Residents question private care center
The future of the long-term health care for the elderly in Goshen County hangs on the shoulders of the Goshen County Commissioners.
The county commissioners have a difficult decision ahead of them on what to do about Goshen Care Center: either pay $2.7 million to refurbish the existing center run by Lutheran Health Systems or save $2 million by working with Lantis Enterprises to build a whole new facility, but lose governmental control over the operations aspect.

Residents start fund for victims
When tragedy strikes, people pull together to help those in need.
With this in mind, Doc Hager decided to set up a Goshen County Relief Fund for those affected by the Oklahoma City bombing.
Hagar has organized an effort between the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce, the schools and many of the bars and liquor stores around town to set out tin cans to collect money to help with any costs not covered by insurance. He said he will also be in contact with the churches across the county, as well.


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