Locals fair well at home rodeo

TORRINGTON – The Goshen County Fairgrounds were the sight of the fourth weekend of the high school spring rodeo schedule.

The lone win of the weekend went to team ropers Cord Herring and Broc Schwartzkopf. They won Saturday’s rodeo in a time of 6.26 seconds.

Haiden Thompson also has several top finishes including a third-place finish in goat tying and reined cow horse and a fourth in barrel racing on Saturday.

Mason Sorensen also tallied a top five finish in trap shooting on Saturday with a score of 39.

The high school rodeo competitors are scheduled to travel to Big Piney this weekend.

Saturday results

Barrel racing: 4. Haiden Thompson 15.444 seconds; 9. Kristin Schwartz 15.595; 36. Jami Garson 16.648

Breakaway roping: 7. Brenna Herring 2.86 seconds

Goat tying: 3. Haiden Thompson 7.83 seconds

Pole bending: 8. Haiden Thompson 21.309 seconds

Reined cow horse: 3. Haiden Thompson 139; 11. Baliegh Lane 61.5

Team roping: 1. Cord Herring and Broc Schwartzkopf 6.26 seconds; 13. Sid Petersen and Kyler Clark 12.82

Tie-down roping: 13. Sid Petersen 19.29 seconds; 18. Kyler Clark 23.39

Trap shooting: 4. Mason Sorensen 39

Sunday results

Barrel racing: 9. Haiden Thompson 15.572 seconds; 14. Kristin Schwartz 15.74; 29. Jami Garson 16.334

Breakaway roping: 7. Brenna Herring 3.09 seconds; 17. Haiden Thompson 12.46

Girls cutting: Baliegh Lane 65

Goat tying: 9. Haiden Thomspson 8.96 seconds

Pole bending: 33. Haiden Thompson 37.478

Reined cow horse: 7. Haiden Thompson 121

Team roping: 8. Cord Herring and Broc Schwartzkopf 11.26 seconds

Tie-down roping: 7. Cord Herring 10.84 seconds; 8. Kyler Clark 11.02


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