Lions Club names Miss Merry Christmas 2021

TORRINGTON – A committee of Torrington Lions Club members and others met together Wednesday Nov. 10 to select the 2021 Miss Merry Christmas, Rori Masterson.

Masterson is a senior at Torrington High School. She first heard about the Lions Club Miss Merry Christmas competition when a close family friend won the competition a few years ago.

“I was interested in it last year, but it’s only open for seniors. So, it’s my senior year so I applied for it,” she said.

Masterson is most looking forward to serving her community as a symbol of the Christmas spirit as she serves with the Lions Club at the Club Bazaar and other events in the community. To her, being able to make a significant impact on her community in this way one of the highlights of small-town life.

“I just love being a figure for my community and being a role model for little kids,” she said. “So, it just gives me another opportunity to do that.”

Along with the chance to serve her community is a scholarship for Masterson to put towards her college education. She has yet to decide exactly where she wants to attend college but knows exactly what she wants to study.

Masterson wants to study livestock and nutrition along with business and entrepreneurship in the hopes she can one day start her own show feed brand, helping others to raise their own award-winning animals.

Masterson would like to thank her mom, her family and her friends for helping her prepare for the Miss Merry Christmas competition.

“There’s just so many [people I’d like to thank],” she said. “I can’t name them all or else we’d be here for an hour.”

Miss Merry Christmas 2021 would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays.

“Be on the lookout for Miss Merry Christmas!” Masterson said. “I’ll try to be as good as a figure as I can.”

The Miss Merry Christmas competition is open every year to girls in their senior year of high school, aged 17-19 and available to work through the holidays. For more information on how to apply for next year’s competition, contact any member of the Torrington Lions Club or send an email to [email protected]


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