Knudsen disbarred by Supreme Court

TORRINGTON – Torrington attorney Gregory Knudsen will officially be disbarred, and thus banned from practicing law as of July 15.

A statement from the Wyoming State Bar, released on July 3, states that Knudsen has been disbarred as a result of having a sexual relationship with a client, covering up the relationship in court proceedings and lying to the State Bar about the existence of the relationship. 

“The order of suspension stemmed from Knudsen’s conduct in entering a consensual sexual relationship with a client; failing to withdraw from the client’s representation promptly upon entering into the sexual relationship; advising the client to conceal evidence of the relationship in the legal proceeding; and knowingly making a false statement of material fact to Bar Counsel regarding the existence of the relationship after a complaint was filed with the Wyoming State Bar,” the release said.

The disbarment was recommended by the Board of Professional Responsibility of the Wyoming State Bar, and handed down by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Knudsen was also ordered to pay $800 in fees and costs to the Wyoming State Bar by Sept. 30, 2019.


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