Kenli Grace Pratt

TORRINGTON – Kenli Grace Pratt, 49, of Torrington passed away at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center on July 4, 2020. 

Kenli was born July 30, 1970 in Winston, Ore., the son of Kenny and Jill Brockel, and Stanford Pratt. 

Kenli attended high school in Torrington, graduating in 1988. After graduation, Kenli joined the Army and proudly served his country with the 24th Mechanized Infantry stationed out of Ft. Stewart, Ga. He served in Operation Desert Storm as a Stinger Missile Gunner.

The following tribute was written by Kenli’s daughter Skylar:

I want the world to look back and remember my Daddy for the man he truly was. 

My Dad loved nature and the beauty within it. For a while, you could find him with a camera always in his hand because you never knew when he’d find a hidden gem in nature’s glory. He discovered life’s breathtaking beauty in an otherwise ordinary sight. 

My Dad organized a Facebook group to hand out sack lunches to the homeless in Atlanta because he felt everyone deserved happiness and hope. If anyone so much as mentioned needing anything, he was there in an instant to do anything he could. 

He loved music, the energy of a live performance, the way you could lose yourself in a song, and the way a rhythm could bring people together. He was always looking forward to the next movie and enjoyed experiencing them with those he loved. Our favorites to watch together were superhero movies. He’d tell me how the movies differed or related to the comics he’d read growing up and shared his ideas for what the next movie might hold. He loved video games and the first person to dive into another world. 

More than anything though he loved making other people’s lives brighter. He was a steadfast rock for whoever needed it, a loving friend, and a source of warmth and joy for everyone who got to know him. He was an amazing Dad. He did the best he could with the cards he was given, and he always made sure I knew he loved me. 

The world will never be the same without him, and though he isn’t here, he lives on in the hearts of every person who had the privilege of getting to know him. We pray that he is finally feeling the peace and happiness he deserves. 

Kenli is survived by his wife, Marcie Pratt, his daughter Skylar Pratt, his sister Joy Brockel, and his parents Kenny and Jill Brockel.


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