Inmate admits to stashing drugs in butt crack

JACKSON (WNE) — The man who had a bag containing over 80 oxycodone pills stuffed in his rear end during a booking at Teton County Jail pleaded guilty last week in Teton County District Court.

“I had a large amount of oxycodone in between my butt cheeks when I went inside the jail, and when they strip searched me they must have fallen on the floor,” Jared Huston told Judge Timothy Day.

Huston pleaded guilty to felony possession, and the state of Wyoming agreed to drop two other charges he faced — driving under suspension and possession of methamphetamine.

Huston, 38, of Thayne, was arrested in April after being pulled over for speeding.

“The subject quickly exited his vehicle and appeared to be in an agitated state,” according to the report.

Because Huston seemed to be on drugs and was in violation of release terms on a previous possession charge, deputies searched his car.

They found a glass pipe with a misdemeanor amount of meth, police said. He was being booked on the two misdemeanor charges when detention officers saw the bag of pills drop from Huston’s backside at the jail.

“It wasn’t in my body, your honor, but it was in between my butt cheeks,” Huston said.

“But you knew it was there and it was yours?” Judge Day asked.

“Yes,” Huston said.

The court accepted Huston’s guilty plea. Huston’s court appointed attorney, Elisabeth Trefonas, asked the court to consider releasing him.