Iden joins Berean Bible Church as new pastor

TORRINGTON – A graduate who majored in Bible Studies at the Frontier School of the Bible is now leading the congregation of Torrington’s Berean Bible Church, located at 2002 East D Street in Torrington.

The congregation sought out Brent Iden at the Berean Bible Church after they had gone without a pastor for more than a year. The church hosts a small congregation, but they needed to find someone who could lead the congregation.

“I was looking for a new place to serve, and I was branching out different places; this church found me; I didn’t find them; They came looking for me,” Iden said with a smile. “So, that was kind of unique. Usually, when you look for a job, you’re the one going to places to find it…the church seems pretty excited about having a younger family, their former pastor left before COVID, so they were without a pastor for a couple of years.”

Iden, his wife, Jennifer, and their three children, moved to Torrington from Colorado around three months ago. Shortly after arriving in Torrington, the couple had their fourth child. 

Though just coming to Torrington after a recent move, Iden wasn’t exactly new to the area.

“I’m familiar with the area; I’ve lived in Wyoming, I’ve lived in Colorado, most of my life in Colorado, but at different spells, been in Wyoming back and forth, and I’ve got family in Wyoming,” Iden said.

Iden, who graduated from the Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange around 25 years ago, said he was delighted by the friendly and neighborly atmosphere he and his family encountered when they moved to Torrington.

“It had been probably 20 years since I had been to Torrington,” Iden said. “We came up in April to visit the church, and the church and the town, just the friendliness of people, surprisingly friendly compared to what we were used to. It was so welcoming to come here, and the people were really encouraging. I knew the church was small and struggling, but just caring people here…good area, good people around here.”

Despite encountering friendly people, he said many have inquired why a Coloradoan would be moving into Wyoming.

“I didn’t know this, but I’ve learned it,” Iden said with a laugh. “Wyoming people have a little bit of skepticism about ‘you’re from Colorado, what are you doing here?’ Colorado gets a bad rap here. Colorado has always been a friendly home for me. I went back there (Colorado) a week or two ago right to my own town, and, I’m thinking, ‘the people (in Colorado) are a little cold-hearted.’ Wyoming is friendly. I can see that.”

Iden hopes to touch the lives of the community and those in need. He and his wife were in ministry before looking to find a new place to serve, and they found Torrington.

Previously, Iden was a construction worker and town maintainer. He felt a calling to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and became a youth minister and associate pastor at Cañon Community Baptist Church in Cañon City, Colorado.

“I was involved in church stuff all the time, helping out with kids and stuff like that for quite a few years,” Iden said. “As my desire to do more and serve more grew, I decided to finally go into full-time ministry.”

Iden looks forward to spreading God’s word with the community and being there for others.

“I love people, and I love God’s word,” Iden said. “The combination of studying it and teaching it to people goes hand-in-hand. Working with people and seeing all the need they have for God’s word and God’s spiritual guidance in their lives…people need to know God’s words and know that it is important in their lives.”

Iden spent several years working with foster children and troubled youth. Seeing some terrible situations and youth getting involved in criminal activity, that experience helped him see the impact he wanted to make on others through his ministry. 

“Ministry, specifically, just helping them make better decisions in life; God’s usually the answer for seeking that,” Iden explained.

Iden hopes to apply his previous experience and education to serve the Torrington community, especially those in search of God’s word and guidance. He hopes to grow the Berean Bible Church congregation and provide aid to the community where it is needed. 

“This church is small, and it’s wanting growth,” Iden said. “Understanding people and what they need in the community are the ideas of where we want to grow while helping the community at the same time. We welcome anybody willing or curious to come and visit.”

The Berean Bible Church hosts Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays, September through May. Worship service follows the Sunday School at 10:45 a.m. The church hosts a Wednesday prayer meeting at 7 p.m. There is a scripture reading, discussion, and prayer during the Wednesday prayer meetings.

Iden can be reached by calling 719-225-0690 or visiting the church at 2002 East D Street in Torrington. 


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