Icy bridge leads to rollover

GOSHEN COUNTY – An icy bridge led to a rollover accident involving a rural FedEx delivery truck on Highway 85 shortly before noon on Tuesday. 

Trooper Brian Sinner of the Wyoming Highway Patrol worked the accident. Sinner said the driver hit ice on the bridge, causing him to lose control and rollover in the ditch. There were no injuries resulting from the accident, and the driver was wearing his seat belt. 

“The road was actually not too bad, but the bridges were terrible,” said Sinner. 

According to Sinner, the FedEx truck was traveling toward Lingle and had just made a delivery before the accident. The driver encountered ice on the Rawhide Creek bridge, near mile marker 116 on Highway 85, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The vehicle then entered the east ditch and landed on its right side. 

The driver was temporarily trapped in the vehicle, but was able to get out with assistance from a couple ‘good Samaritans’ and Sinner.

The Telegram contacted Sgt. Jeremy Beck, Public and Media Relations Trooper for the Wyoming Highway Patrol, and inquired about driving in wintry conditions. Sgt. Beck provided some helpful tips and advice for drivers who may find themselves driving in these conditions.

“Put away distractions in the vehicle and stay focused on the roadway. In Wyoming, weather changes very quickly and the road conditions change quickly. Make sure you slow down, you don’t have to drive the speed limit and it is best to drive slower than the speed limit,” he said.

“Make sure you don’t use your cruise control if you encounter dangerous road conditions so you are able to maintain control of your vehicle,” Beck said. “Take a few brief seconds to make sure the driver and all occupants of the vehicle are seat belted.”


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