Hunzeker sentenced to probation

TORRINGTON – The honorable Judge Patrick Korell sentenced Susan Hunzeker, a 32-year-old former Fort Laramie resident, to a term of three years of probation after hearing the terms of an agreement from prosecuting attorney Zach Leininger and defense attorney Mervin Mecklenburg in the Eighth Judicial District Court on Sept. 7.

According to documents filed in the court, Hunzeker was accused of having stolen money from both the Subway restaurant and the Fort Laramie Historical Society, the agency responsible for operating the bookstore at the Fort Laramie National Historic Site.

Hunzeker appeared before the court with her attorney, Mecklenburg, while the prosecution was represented by Leininger.

Leininger told the court an agreement had been reached where the state would dismiss the case stemming from the alleged Subway theft, upon Hunzeker paying restitution to Subway. Leininger said Hunzeker had paid restitution to Subway in the amount of $3,321.53.

As an additional condition of the agreement, the state would recommend probation in lieu of incarceration for Hunzeker and she would be required to pay restitution to the Fort Laramie Historical Society in the amount of $11,560.36.

The state said they would also argue in favor of a 301 order for count 1, which would remove the count from Hunzeker’s criminal record upon successful completion of probation.

“We agree with the recommendation,” Mecklenburg said. “Ms. Hunzeker has an excellent chance succeeding at probation.”

After a brief recess, Judge Korell told Hunzeker she had not only committed the crime of theft but had also shown dishonesty and violated the trust of the volunteer board who entrusted her with the operation of their business.

Korell denied the 301 request and sentenced Hunzeker to 3-5 years in the Wyoming Women’s Center, suspended in favor of the completion of three years’ probation. Additionally, Hunzeker is required to live a law-abiding life, must enter into a community supervision agreement with the community in which she lives, no drugs or alcohol and must complete all classes and courses required by her probation officer.

Hunzeker is also required to maintain full-time employment or schooling and shall not be responsible for money or property of the employer. She must also inform all employers of her convictions in the court.


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