High school rodeo spring season begins

TORRINGTON – The Wyoming High School Rodeo Association resumed its season over the Easter weekend with the Laramie High School Rodeo.

Despite the event being hosted by Laramie High School, the two-day rodeo was held at the Goshen County Fairgrounds in Torrington.

On Saturday, Southeast senior Bodie Herring led the group of locals with a win in team roping with Meridan’s Cort McBride in 7.75 seconds. The win proved to be the only win of the weekend for the local competitors.

Yoder’s Haiden Thompson finished second in breakaway roping on Saturday, while Southeast senior Clara Petersen led the locals with a third-place finish in goat tying in 8.07 seconds on Sunday.

The WHSRA returns to action on April 17-18 in Rock Springs at the Sweetwater County Complex.

Saturday results

Barrel racing: 11. Clara Petersen 16.52 seconds; 20. Haiden Thompson 16.71; 23. Kristin Schwartz 16.779; 38. Baliegh Lane 17.697 seconds

Breakaway roping: 2. Haiden Thompson 3.25 seconds

Goat tying: 9. Haiden Thomspon 9.19 seconds; 12. Clara Petersen 9.56

Light rifle: 8. Mason Sorensen 208

Pole bending: 12. Haiden Thompson 21.77 seconds; 25. Baliegh Lane 25.14;

Team roping: 1. Bodie Herring and Cort McBride 7.75 seconds; 3. Cord Herring and Brock Schwartzkopf 7.87; 12. Clara Petersen and Mason Sorensen 14.6Tie-down roping: 9. Mason Sorensen 17.39 seconds

Trap shooting: Mason Sorensen 35

Sunday results

Barrel racing: 10. Kristin Schwartz 16.263 seconds; 19. Haiden Thomspson 16.746; 26. Baliegh Lane 17.208; 45. Clara Petersen 21.733; 50. Brenna Herring 22.733

Breakaway roping: 8. Haiden Thomspson 4.35 seconds; 11. Brenna Herring 4.81

Goat tying: 3. Clara Petersen 8.07 seconds; T4. Haiden Thompson 8.16

Pole bending: 16. Baliegh Lane 23.51 seconds; 33. Haiden Thompson 31.2

Team roping: 17. Baliegh Lane and Audrey Kremer 26.52 seconds

Tie-down roping: 21. Bodie Herring 23.72 seconds; 25.w Kyler Clark 29.41



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