Graduating from two places at once

TORRINGTON – There aren’t many people who can say they are going to be graduating from high school and college, both at the same time. For Torrington High School (THS) senior Thomas Heron, this is a reality. He will be earning a diploma from THS and an Associates in Science from Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) this spring. 

Heron is in his senior year of high school at THS, though he doesn’t spend much time there.

“The only reason I was ever going to the high school, this year, was for basketball,” Heron said. “I am taking college classes; one of the classes is online through the University of Wyoming, but two others are at EWC.”

Heron said his senior year in high school has been primarily focused on attending EWC, as he has finished all but one credit for his high school graduation, which will be completed at the conclusion of this school year. 

He currently has the Hathaway scholarship, a couple of other small scholarships and has several scholarship applications out.

Heron plans to attend the University of Wyoming in Laramie and will be seeking a chemical engineering degree, which he hopes will open the door to job opportunities in either Texas or Colorado. 

“I want to go to either Texas or Colorado because there are supposed to be a bunch of job openings for that degree in the next 10 years and it looks like a kind of fun and well-paying job,” Heron said. “I mostly want to work with finding new forms of energy, more efficient ways to use energy.”

When not working on his coursework, Heron said he enjoys working out, playing basketball, being outside and hanging out by the lake. He also enjoys playing video games and has been learning to play guitar. 

Heron was born and raised in Torrington. During his high school career, he has been active in THS basketball. Heron had previously been active in track but decided to end his track career at the end of his sophomore year.

Despite a successful high school sports career, he has decided he will not be pursuing team collegiate sports but plans to play on recreational teams. 

Heron, named after his grandfather Tom Feeser of Torrington, said Feeser has inspired him to be all that he can be throughout his life. 

“My papa; he just worked really hard his entire life, never really gave up on anything and always pushed me to be the best I could be and to see everything 100% of the way through and never quit out on anything halfway,” Heron said.

Heron provided these words of advice for others who are getting ready to take the next step in their own adventure:

“Once you have the aspiration or desire to do something, don’t quit out halfway and don’t try to find an easier way out than the finish it through,” Heron said.


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