Governor honors Dunne Inspection Services

CHEYENNE – Governor Mark Gordon honored Mike Dunne of Dunne Inspection Services (DIS) when he provided Dunne with a Certified Master Inspector plaque in July. 

Dunne started DIS six years ago to “provide the best home inspections, delivered with honesty and integrity.”

“Clients deserve the absolute best service for their money, which is why I have dedicated myself to so much advanced education and training,” Dunne said. “The Master Inspector designation simply puts a formal title to what my clients have been experiencing for years. “

Dunne has worked feverishly, studying, completing classes, obtaining certifications and acquiring the skillset and toolset to accomplish the tasks offered by his business.

“When I realized that I had reached the milestone of receiving the Master Inspector designation, it really made me stop and reflect on what the last 6.5-7 years have brought,” Dunne said. “It has been a passion of mine to elevate the inspection industry in our service area, and this was proof that I have actually made great strides in doing so.”

Ashely, Mike’s wife, weighed in on her pride in her husband and his achievements.

“He never stops trying to improve his craft,” Ashley Dunne wrote to the Telegram. “Learning everything he can so that he can give our clients the best education on their home. Because of his strive and unmatched dedication and the support of loyal agents, amazing friends and family, he was able to achieve this amazing accomplishment. Over 1,500 inspections were performed, providing one of the necessary requirements to receive this award. This dream has become a reality and has been fought for with blood, sweat, and tears. His family couldn’t be prouder.”

DIS currently offers eight different types of inspections and five different types of environmental tests for home buyers, making them a “one-stop shop.”

“As a company, we pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in the inspection industry in our multi-state service area,” Dunne said. “This achievement enables us to now distinguish ourselves from all others, as we are officially the only inspection firm in the region to have a Master Inspector, Master Plumber, and Master HVAC Technician all under one roof. This means that our clients and extended business partners know they are placing their trust in a company that has only their best interests at heart and puts only the best in the field on their behalf.”

Dunne explained what it means to be a ‘master’ in a trade and the mass of knowledge, experience and dedication required to achieve the rating.

“Becoming a Master in any trade, especially one that incorporates so many different trades within itself as the Home Inspection industry does, is an accomplishment that we feel very proud to have reached,” Dunne said. “It reflects on the years of effort we have spent trying to advance the inspection industry in our region. While achieving this is a great milestone, there are more milestones yet to come as we continue to progress and evolve our industry across Wyoming and Nebraska.”

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