Goshen County under mask mandate

GOSHEN COUNTY – Goshen County businesses and public buildings will now require face coverings for entry, as indicated in a public health order from Goshen County Health Officer Marion Smith, M.D., set to go into effect Nov. 18.

The order approved by State Health Officer Alexia Harrist, M.D., states face coverings are required in the following situations: when a person is inside or in line to enter a retail or commercial business, or any government facility open to the general public, including county and municipal buildings, when a person is in a healthcare facility receiving services, including veterinary offices and when any person is using public transit or a car service.

All employees of such businesses or government facilities open to the general public must also wear face coverings. These businesses or government facilities must post visible notices near the entrance of the building stating face coverings are required.

Those dining in restaurants may remove their masks to eat or drink if they are at least six feet away from patrons or other tables. No more than eight people can be seated at a table, the order says.

The mask mandate comes in response to an uptick in cases throughout the county and state. Today, Goshen County has 313 active cases, totaling 396 positive cases since March, according to the Wyoming Department of Health. Statewide, there are 10,891 active cases, 21,047 total. 

Minors are not required to wear face coverings, though it is strongly recommended they do so. Every Wyoming public school district, including Goshen County School District No. 1, continues to require students to wear face coverings inside school buildings. 

There are also exceptions for individuals who have a medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering. 

Violators of this public health order will be prosecuted under Wyoming Statutes 35-1-105 and 35-1-106, which state any person who violates provisions of public health laws of Wyoming or refuses to obey any lawful order issued by the state, county or municipal health officer can be fined or face imprisonment. 

This health order is in effect Nov. 18 through Dec. 4.

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